Origin of English word ALCOHOL

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This acknowledged borrowing is from Arabic alkohl (powder of antimony). The Aramaic-Syriac (typically cumbersome) equivalent is   כוחלא KOOK[H]LAh.  The Akkadian is guhlu (antimony). As seen in Ezekiel 23:40, the Biblical Hebrew   כחל KoK[h]aL means “he painted his eyelids with antimony” (EDK). Even if    כחל  Kahf-Het-Lamed did not mean ALCOHOL, it is cited here as the older, Edenic source of ALCOHOL.

The color of this antimony or eye makep is blue; כחל  KaK[H]oaL became “blue” in Post-Biblical Hebrew.  The Modern Hebrew spelling of the Hebrew for alcohol uses a   ה Hey, instead of the older      ח Het.   ח Het is like a guttural   ה Hey, both graphically and audibly. (The air-flow is closed off, forcing a harsher throat sound.)


חול K[H]OAL means sand mixed with clay.  Related earthy words are at  COAL.  Beyond chemistry, eye makeup and alcohol can be an explosive mix. A related, reddish ר - ח Het-Resh or guttural-liquid clay word is  חרס [K]HeR e$, pottery  (Jeremiah 19:2).  See CERAMIC. The red-brown of pottery is likely similar to the color of a diseased liver, and why CIRRHOSIS is from Greek kirrhos (tawny-colored). CIRRHOSIS has no Indo-European “root.” Kenneth H. Ryesky saw the color and texture similarity in the Passover seder’s symbolic mortar: חרסת   [K]HaRoSe(S).          More clay color at MAROON.

Bible Verses

Ezekiel 23:40 ואף כי תשׁלחנה לאנשׁים באים ממרחק אשׁר מלאך שׁלוח אליהם והנה־באו לאשׁר רחצת כחלת עיניך ועדית עדי׃

“And furthermore ye have sent for men that come from far; unto whom a messenger was sent, and, lo, they came; for whom thou didst wash thyself, paint thine eyes, and deck thyself with ornaments;”



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