Origin of English word OPPORTUNITY

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The word OPPORTUNITY is addressed in the entry: PORE

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The last word on PORE (an opening) is Greek poros (passage). Latin aperire, to open,  is traced to Indo-European “root” wer – 5 (to cover – see COVER).

 Aramaic  PeeYRAh is a ditch; the Hebrew is PeeYR . פער P[A]haR is a space or gap;  פעור P[A]hOOR is wide open; and  פער   Pa’[A]hR is to open wide (Isaiah5:14 ) or to PRY (see below). An extension of this Pey-Resh root is [K]HaPHOAR (to excavate or make holes, passages or channels).  A GOPHER is nature’s prolofic K[H]oPHeR (digger) – see GOPHER.

Just Pey-Hey is a mouth or opening, see OPEN.  The Pey-Resh sub-root in PeReTS (to make a BREACH) is at BURST.


To PRY something open, as with a crowbar, is thought to be a back-formation of “prize” or “prise” (a lever). The AHD therefore has PRY from the Indo-European ‘root”  ghend (to seize, take). The most basic bilabial shift involves B and P. BOAR is a pit –

 see BORE.  At BORE are sound-alike bilabial-liquid “hole” words in Sumerian and Latvian.  To open or release in Sumerian is buru, and in Latvian: veru.  PR openings such as OPPORTUNITY, PORCH, POROUS, PORT and PRY should all be related – see   BREACH.

Switching to PL, PYLON is from Indo-European pule (gate -'Greek noun of obscure origin") A RAVINE, RIFT or RIP is merely the reverse of the PR root here – see   TROPHY.  Bilabial-liquid opening words from Latin aperire include: APERTIF, APERTURE, OVERT and OVERTURE.`

In Spanish, abertura is an aperture, abierto means overt and abrir is to open. The dentista tells you to abra or open wide (the meaning of פער Pa’[A]hR).

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