Origin of English word SAHARA

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The word SAHARA is addressed in the entry: DESERTER

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The Indo-European “root” of DESERT is alledgedly ser- 3 (to line up). The Edenic etymon for this sound and sense is seen at “SERIES.”  The actual Latin source is deserere, to desert, abandon, with desertum (desert)  the area that is a solitary, abandoned waste.

Especially in those battles where nobody survived, a DESERTER (runaway soldier) was a survivor. שריד SaReeYD means survivor -- Numbers 21:35.  In the verse, the phrase   שריד   השאיר He’SHEeYR SaReeYD comes with a sound-alike, related word.  The verb Shin-Aleph-Resh means “remain.” 

Too important for the “BRANCHES” section is the fact that Polish sierota and Czech sirotina is an orphan.  The orphan feels abandoned, as lonely as a desert isle, even if he is a surviving remnant by blameless circumstances.


The SR Edenic roots of DESERT do not link up to the SAHARA (Arabic for desert).  If named for the operation of desert storms, then both Sin-Ayin-Resh (Psalms 50:3) and Samekh-Ayin-Resh (Jonah 1:11) mean a tempest. (Ayin, GH, can be rendered as an H.)  Because the Latin sense of a deserted place from a word meaning remnant or orphan is idiosyncratic, one doesn’t find a DESERT words outside of Romance languages, like French desert,Italian and Portuguese deserto and Spanish desierto.

German Wuste and Dutch woestijn are like English WASTELAND – from BeeZaYOAN (contempt – Esther 1:18) from an early Bet-Zayin root of waste (plunder – see BUZZARD).  Spoils (waste) are like spoiled (wasteland, wasted), and this Bet-Zayin etymology reminds us that deserts are created by spoiling arid land with overgrazing.  The Polish (pustynia), Russian (pustinya)  and Czech  (poust) words for DESERT have simply shifted the Bet to a different bilabial.  The Danish and Norwegian DESERT is orken – from RaiQ, empty (Genesis 37:24). More topographical DESERT words include Turkish col—from K[H]OAL, sand (Genesis 17:17) and Modern Greek e’rimos –from [A]ROOM, nude (Genesis 2:25).

Bible Verses

Numbers 21:35 ויכו אתו ואת־בניו ואת־כל־עמו עד־בלתי השׁאיר־לו שׂריד ויירשׁו את־ארצו׃

“So they smote him, and his sons, and all his people, until there was none left him remaining; and they possessed his land.”



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albanian   7/27/2013 9:00:00 AM
Can I say somthing. I strongly belive that the real and full etymological explenation Of the word Desert and Sahara is a word which is found only in the Albanian language. But i will not tell that word. It is my secret, that with the help of God i will publush through a book

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