Origin of English word MOON

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time or occasion


Old English mono and Greek mene mean MOON. Greek mene is a MONTH; the theoretical Indo-European “root” for MOON and MONTH is miscalculated as me (to measure).

Many moons ago there was a universal counting word MN hand words at Indo-European man (hand)  MoNeH is a time or occasion (Genesis 31:41). Moons number our months; the Divine Astronomer "determines" or "reckons" the number of stars (and moons) and names them in Psalms147:4 (MoaNeH).  MiN(YahN) is a number (Ezra6:17). The opposite of HaMOAN (MANY) is MeeN (MINUS). Follow MANY and MINUS  for the M-N family of counting and NUMBERS.


First, the relevant cognates of MOON and MONTH include AMENORRHEA, MENARCH, MENOPAUSE, MENSES, MENSTRUATE, SEMESTER and TRIMESTER. The Hawaiian moon, mahina, is similarly an MN counting word rather than a term of whiteness or brightness. MoaNeH as a verb of reckoning and calculation brings MIND to MIND. Cognates of MIND at Indo-European “root” men (to think) include DEMENTED, MENTAL, MENTION, AUTOMATIC, AHRIMAN MEMENTO, COMMENT, REMINISCENT, MINERVA, EUMENIDES, MENTOR, MANIA, MANIAC -MANCY, MANTIC, MANTIS, MANDARIN, MANTRA, MINT, MONEY (see MONEY), MONITOR, MONSTER, MONUMENT, MUSTER, ADMONISH, DEMONSTRATE, PREMONITION, SUMMON (see SUMMON), MOSAIC, MUSE, MUSEUM, MUSIC, AMNESIA, AMNESTY, and MNEMONIC.  M-N MENTAL words include Manu, the all-wise creature of hindu mythology.

EeMayN is to train or teach; Mordechai was Esther's MENTOR or OaMahN (Esther2:7). An extension of Indo-European men might be mendh (to learn), which allows us to link MN reckoning with Greek manthanein and English MATHEMAT1CS.

[Otherwise, the MND and MNT terms are nasalized forms of LoaMaiD (to learn, the L drops from our MD subroot] . MN moons appear in Saami (Lapland, related to Finnish) as maino.

If the MOON was Man's heavenly calculator, his hand (see MITT) or manus (Latin for hand) was his earthly one. MN hand words at Indo-European man (hand) include MANACLE, MANAGE, MANNER, MANUAL ( see MANUAL), MAINTAIN, MANEUVER, MANICURE, MANIFEST, MANIPULATE, MANUFACTURE, MANURE, MANUSCRIPT, MASTIFF, EMANCIPATE, MANDATE COMMAND and DEMAND. The French hand is main.  Spanish mana (hand)  is like mono  (monkey) because of the animal’s human-like hand.

If the hand is a calculator, then perhaps MAN the thinking, reckoning animal was given an MN name for the same reason. MAN is from the Indo-European “root” man (man). An alternative spelling for the root in the AHD is mon.

MONDAY is moon day for worshipers of nature. In the Biblical week, Monday is day two. Somali Monday is isniin, from שנים  SHNaYiM, two.   (RW).


Bible Verses

Genesis 31:41 זה־לי עשׂרים שׁנה בביתך עבדתיך ארבע־עשׂרה שׁנה בשׁתי בנתיך ושׁשׁ שׁנים בצאנך ותחלף את־משׂכרתי עשׂרת מנים׃

“These twenty years have I been in thy house: I served thee fourteen years for thy two daughters, and six years for thy flock; and thou hast changed my wages ten times.”



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Sylvia   5/30/2014 5:12:00 PM
These MN counting words are everywhere! Thanks, this answered a question that came up at the dinner table about the connection between moon and counting.

Kylie   10/23/2013 6:38:00 PM
Thanks! Great! VERY HELPFUL....this is exactly what i was looking for!!

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