The Origin of Language

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By Isaac Mozeson

The standard reference texts make this a far more complex topic than it is. Scientists are scurrying around Africa for Paleolithic evidence of which knuckle-walking hominids of millions of years ago were evolving grunts and gestures into what would become words.

But this is all NOT ABOUT WORDS. Sure, bees and dolphins have “language,” a means of communication. But WORDS only emerge from homo sapiens when they, somehow, get a floating bone in the throat, called the hyoid bone. And, somehow, the modern homo sapiens (thinker) gets their brain way enlarged to be able to process this unexplainable new language ability.

The blown-out brain cavity is suspiciously like the Genesis record of a Creator “blowing into the nostrils” of a man. This man is a newly sentient creature, but he is fashioned “from the earth,” that is, from pre-existent form (such as the hominids above).

The Genesis Eden scenario of an original homeland for this new thinking, speaking human is located fairly near the Northeast African homeland for humans favored by scientists. In fact, the oldest hyoid bone for speech even found was unearthed in the Carmel Caves near present-day Haifa, Israel.

Archeologists have established that the oldest human attempts at agriculture and literacy are also there, in the Fertile Crescent. So it is fine to agree that some simian hominids came “out of Africa.” But all the evidence suggests that modern, speaking man emerges in the Late Stone Age in a what might be called a Proto-Semitic region.

Only in recent decades have geneticists and other scientists been able to prove that all living humans share the mitochondrial DNA of a single woman. Studies of the male Y chromosome also prove that the human population on Earth was once very small.

There were decades of academic hostility to the idea of monogenesis of language, that our current 6000 dialects devolved from a single common Proto-Earth language. By the 21st Century the evidence was so persuasive, that now those who oppose monogenesis are marginalized.

Should not that Proto-Earth language be closest to Semitic? Yes, but logic and evidence still must contend with cultural bias. The Edenics project has begun to show that the Eden scenario above is the key to The Origin of Language. Languages constantly and naturally devolve into dialects that become “languages,” but Edenics follows the Genesis record (Chapter 11) that there was a traumatic neuro-linguistic event (“The Tower of Babel”) which was the Big Bang of language diversity.

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Jonathan Zaake   5/19/2020 8:58:00 PM
Thanks for PROVING that Nothing is HIDDEN that shall not be REVEALED! Matthew 10:26-30.

claude LOPEZ   1/30/2020 1:58:00 AM
Vakar becomes bagar in Algerian Arabic!

rulierose    2/16/2016 7:59:00 PM
so as I was learning a new Bible verse in Hebrew last week, I came across the word "vakar" (cow). and of course cow is "vache" in French and "vaca" in Spanish. my Hebrew teacher couldn't explain it but this theory does!

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