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By Isaac Mozeson

As The Scroll Rolls


Jewish History is a cosmic soap opera,
 even if "As The Scroll Rolls" never takes the time slot of "As The World Turns."

As this month of holidays winds downs (the inspiration for Ramadan, with Simchat Torah-like hakapot or circuits around the Kaba of Mecca), the Torah scroll does get finished reading in synagogue... only to start again with the Creation "week" of Genesis.

We show that one cannot actually finish reading the Torah.  A book CAN be closed. But scrolls are circular and cyclical and eternal.

Even though  ספר "SePHeR is used to mean "book," one can see and hear the original , SPHERICAL scroll.  A smaller  מגילה Migillah (book, originally scroll of Ester or Ruth) is all about  גל GahLL, to roll.

We roll right past the death of Moses,  the human medium who transmitted the Torah, which is the purpose of Creation, of humans with language and literacy...
rolling to that first seven  ימים YaMiM or eons of Creation.

Here is a rendition of that first "week," from a future book (not scroll):

First Reading

Genesis 1:1  [Biraisheet 1:1  -- only this first week of Creation demands this much extra-textual interpretation.]


From the beginning of this creation for revelation

the Lord balanced the spiritual and the material

[this name of the Creator, a singular plurality which may be rendered as All Powers

or the Lord as Law(s), is the numerical equivalent of the Edenic or Biblical Hebrew

word for nature – time (beginning”) and space (“earth”) are created here, while idolatry

and bad religion put the Eternal within the temporary, tangible bounds of stone or flesh.].

1:2 (1:2)

But this world was then pure form and matter

in the dark about the depths,

yet the wind of the Lord hovered with the wings of a mother bird

over the open faces

of Truth.

1:3  (1:3)

Then the Lord willed energy -- [an amorphous glow that heated all with a big bang] -- and it radiated [generating hosts of expanding, clustered galaxies]..

1:4  (1:4)

While the Lord knew energy when it was divine -- [everything unified] –

the Lord separated the fireball from the plasma or the positive and negative –

 [charging ions and eons

with the heat and alternating dark and light of friction].

1:5  (1:5)

So the Lord summoned the energies of day

and entropy of night;

and there was mingling before examination in millennium one of history.

[Aeon (“millennium”) is the Greek form of Edenic YOAM, day or age – see Psalms 90:4, and a literal, solar day is impossible before the luminaries of the fourth YOAM.

 Another difficulty in translating YOAM as 24-hour day is in 2:17.

 Adam and Eve encounter moral light and darkness in this first aeon of the Lord’s search

for a fitting human partner].

1:6  (2:1)

[Turning from the universe to the Earth,

the Lord then willed an extensive reach for Truth,

with a stratosphere further dividing truth from truth. 

1:7  (2:2) 

So the Lord developed the sheet of division, a Babel

of cultural values below the more rarefied perceptions:

so it had to be – [clouds of subjectivity to complicate

and ennoble Man’s millennial search for objective truth].

1:8  (2:3) 

The Lord had to summon the sheet of heaven, which divided with floodwaters

 the depraved and the upright in the destruction and rebirth of the Second Millennium.

1:9  (3:1)

Yet the Lord willed that the pools of terrestrial truth flow to a unified place, leaving a dry continent of the visible: so it had to be -- [just as they deny a single, original language, the limited scientists long denied there was once a single land mass – since proven with undersea mapping – continental drift only followed Man’s drift from the One

and from communal civility to his fellows].

1:10  (3:2)

The Lord then summoned to the dryness its earthiness,

and to those pools of truth were called spiritual streams:

the Lord saw that [these paradoxical alternatives] were ultimately good for humankind

– [as the synthesis between high tide thesis and low tide antithesis would finally emerge]. 

1:11  (3:3)

Then the Lord willed vegetable from the mineral, the earth green with perennial cultures; fruition cultivated by Man from divine seeds -- [genetic codes in twisted ladders leading to heaven but] rooted in the earth: so it had to be.

1:12  (3:4)

Earth would then have regional creeds springing from grass root concepts, growing into full-bloomed cultures perpetuated by tribe;

the Lord saw them as well-intentioned when they formed.

1:13 (3:5)

After idolatrous darkness came dawn [for the vineyard of Bible belief

which fruited full at Sinai] in the Third Millennium.

1:14  (4:1)

Then the Lord willed a double mirror of divine light over the beaten silver of sky

to separate the rational and the intuitive, and to serve as metaphors

and historical witnesses marking the ellipses of time.

1:15  (4:2)

These heavenly guides enlightening the lower spheres [would include inspired teachers for all peoples and ages]: so it had to be.

1:16  (4:3)

So the Lord developed the two great mirrors of divine energies: the emerging

and declining nations would rule visible history like the majestic sun does the day, while a small, ever waning and waxing orb of faith, and the stellar spirits, would rule a shadow empire -- as the moon and stars do the night.

1:17  (4:4)

While [some negate the forces of day or night,] the Lord gave them [both] to Man from a celestial reach, to bathe all below in conflicting but complementary cosmic rays –

[with history driven by opposing magnetic poles, pendulum swings that form then break orbits of reform and reaction, massive revolutions to subtle evolutions].

1:18 (4:5)

Moreover, [these energies] would rule the rises and falls of history

and separate the periods of bright revolution and dark anarchy:

the Lord saw that [these pendulum swings to keep Mankind moving from thesis, to antithesis, and finally synthesis were] well prepared [in heaven].

1:19  (4:6)

Subsequently, there would be barbarity before enlightenment

 in the two-Temple time of the Fourth Millennium.

1:20  (5:1)

Then the Lord evolved from [earlier] marine [plants and unicellular organisms] a spawn of motile, multi-organic life; amphibians emerging until fin and wing would fly and skate through the skies below and above.

1:21  (5:2)

Then the Lord bio-engineered the great dinosaurs -- [“the reptiles, the great ones” can only refer to a giant species that dominated its age – but only in 2001 was the link between birds and dinosaurs established] -- and all reptilian life that evolved from aquatic species and all species of feathered birds: and the Lord saw them well prepared [with the genetic ability to mutate and adapt to various environments].

1:22  (5:3)

[Before Man could upset the ecological balance,] the Lord charged their survival by willing them with prolific abilities to populate and colonize, to fill the ocean seas and fly to distant areas of the land -- [as the newly amphibious men would fly wing-like sails round the globe from the dinosaur empires of this era].

1:23  (5:4)

[Corresponding to this fifth period of prehistory,]  there were dark ages before the golden age of emerging naval powers in the Fifth Millennium.

1:24  (6:1)

Next, the Lord willed the evolution of more complex animal species, both domesticated and wild, adapted to their habitat -- [just as sixth millennium humans would form states, from agrarian to predatory nations]: so it had to be.

1:25 (6:2)

[Just as] the Lord developed the carnivorous and herbivorous, all species that roam the land: Then the Lord saw them completed in their habitat.

1:26  (6:3)

[With the ecological table set,] the Lord willed that the divine material and spiritual together would make up human form and essence; and the fish of the seas, the birds of the sky, the beasts and all creatures of the earth would be ridden [or run -- Edenic RD root] by Man -- [though most men make a god in their image].

1:27 (6:4)

[In this sequence of increasingly complex animal evolution,] the Lord of Natural Law

designed a prototype hominid -- [Neanderthal, first identified as NaKHaSH, and later devolved to a snake -- which, typically, would diversify and evolve to become,] in both its upright, free and controlling body and soul, a potentially divine creature; [while later part of the Creator’s separations, from waters to languages]  the earthling was originally created both male and female -- [hermaphroditic --  to shadow the Lord’s own nurturing and domineering sides – without sexuality].

1:28  (6:5)

[While the top species should be the fewest,] the Lord specifically charged them

and willed for them to proliferate and freely succeed generations, to populate the globe and landscape it; and to submarine with the fish, to plane the air with the birds

and to burrow beneath and track across like the animals of the earth.

1:29  (6:6)

[Since the animals were originally to learn from, not to consume,] the Lord willed,

and behold it is given to [Man] all the seed grasses of contemplation bearding the full face of the earth, and the cores of conceptions free-fruiting to perpetuity; for you it shall be sustenance.

1:30  (6:7)

For consumption by the beastly barons of the earth and by those who soar heavenward,

for those who roam the globe searching, and for the vegetating masses:  so it had to be.

1:31  (6:8)

While only the Lord understands the ultimate synthesis of energy and entropy, and the wars of clashing ideologies – in the dark century of night and the brightening messianic dawn in the ascent of Man of the Sixth Millennium -- [the amoral world says “seize the day” before the inevitable night comes, with oblivion ever closer; the Bible Believer accepts night as the prelude to day, not fearing death with eternity ever closer].

2:1  (7:1)

[After the Sixth Millennium of exile from Eden], spiritual and material history was set, with all their pronouncements worked out -- [knowing the results of human Free Will should not be confused with determining it, and setting the laws of nature does not mean the Clockmaker does not re-wind].

2:2  (7:2)

Then, the Lord in the Seventh Millennium shall put an end to all the host

[of conflicts and controversies inherent in creation’s divisions];

in the Sabbatical Era all of history’s evolutionary striving will cease.

2:3  (7:3)

Further, the Lord shall charge the Seventh Millennium with prosperity and make it distinct [with universal knowledge of the One]; for then will all conflicting visions be settled, from all the work of division that the Lord created [for humankind] to eventually synthesize.

* * *

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