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By Isaac Mozeson

The Gloves Were Dropped, But This Edenic Knight Backed Out Of a Fight


First came  QaMaTS, handful, an Edenic link to French gant, glove. Then I thought of English words.
"Elegant " wasn't worth fighting for. Even an Edenic knight must choose his battles.
but a new entry did emerge:


GAUNT (LET)         QaMaTS         Koof-Mem-Tsadi

come-MUTTS______קמץ___ ___[K-M-T(S) à GNT]

ROOTS:  There is no IE "root" for this armored,  medieval glove or extended glove. Middle English gantelet came from Middle French gant, glove.

With no explanation how sounds can change this way, the dinosaur dictionaries traced this to a Germanic theoretical base called *want.

Letters from the throat, nose and tooth-ridge like GNT are in קמץ QaMahTS,  a handful or fistful in Leviticus 2:2. 


BRANCHES:  Modern French gant is a glove too.  The first wearers of gloves must have looked elegant.  The authorities say that "elegant" is an L-G word of choosing, like ELECT. 

The etymology doesn't fit like a glove, but neither is glove and elegance strong enough for Edenics to take up the GAUNTLET.

 See  guttural-nasal-dental HAND words like COUNT and MITT.

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