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By Isaac Mozeson

An Edenic Cruise Down the Indus River to the P U N J A B


PUNJABI, or PANJABI   (Dravidian language from Sanskrit; also see Bengali, Hindi and Sanskrit)   An Engl. Panjabi Dict.  T. Grahame Bailey. Ess Ess Public., New Delhi, India1989
Asīr, captive of war <  אסיר  A$eeYR, prisoner [ARREST]

Asman, sky <  S-F  SHaMaYiM. Sky, heaven

at.a_la, mound,  latform, heap  <  תל TaiL, mound, heap  [TALL]

ate, and < S-D  עוד   ]O[AD, furthermore, in addition [ADD]
    --  see te
Bāhlā,  much < ß S-L  רב  RahBH, much  [RIFE]

Bhageār, wolf < M312 S-G S-L  כלב KeLeBH, canine  [LOBO]

Carbi ,  fat (n.)   <  S-G  S-L   חלב K[H]eLeBH, fat [LIVER]

Dābū, too much weight forward < ß   כבד   KaBHaiD, weighty 
     [HEFT]     See wattā

Dar,  fear < ß    רעד Ra'[A]D, trembling  [TERROR]

 two  <   Aramaic דו  DOO, two [DUO]

Duddh, milk  <  דד  DahD, teat, nipple of breast  [TEAT]

Gōlī, musket ball, bullet  <  עגל  [A]GoaL, round  [GEAR]

 gussā,   anger  < S-G   כעס  Ka'[A]$ andכעש   Ka'[A]S (anger, vexation) [HAIL]

 kaņak, wheat <   S-N קמח  QeMaK[H], flour  [MILL] 
 kara_hn.a_, to groan <   גרון GaROAN, throat  [GROAN]

kāth, wood <  S-G  S-D  עץ   GHaiTS, wood, tree  [STICK]

kinnā, how much?  < S-G  KaMaH, how much? [COMMON]

mã, mother  <  ß אם   AiM, mother  [MAMA]

mukān, mourners <  מקוננים MiKOANiNeeYM , mourners,
    dirge-singers  [KEEN]

naihr, canal   < נהר  NaHaR, river, stream [INERT]

nukkar,  angle, corner <  M312 קרן  QeReN, corner, horn [CORNER]

Phuknī  blowpipe < M231 נפח  NaPHaK]H[, to blow  [PNEUMATIC]
 pyō, father   < reversals and bilabial-shift of  אב  ABH, father [ABBOT]

satāņā,  annoy  < שטן  SaTaiN,  to be adversarial,
   a hindrance (Numbers 23:32)       [SATAN]

Saūnā, sleep <  S-F   שנה  SHayNaH, sleep   [INSOMNIA]

sir, head <  ß  ראש  RoaSH, head  [SIRE]

te , and  < ß  S-D  עוד   ]O[AD, furthermore, in addition [ADD]
     --  see ate
Tibbā, mound <  S-D  צב  TSahBH, swelling  [PROTUBERANCE]
Topī   cap   < S-D     צפהTSaPHaH, top;    צפויTSeePOOY, cover   [TOP]

Wāhdā, a promise  < S-B  הבטחה HaBHDTa[K]Ha,  a promise [BET]
wattā , weight for scales < S-B  S-D   כבד   KaBHaiD, weighty [HEFT]      See Dābū 
Zanānā  female  < זן   ZahN, nourisher    [Sin]
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