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By Isaac Mozeson

The Skinny on Naked Apes and Edenic, Clothing-Optional Couples


Sometimes an Edenic discovery makes a Biblical passage come alive. Here is one such upgrade provided by our sub-roots specialist in Michigan, Al  L. Ansley:
The new entry:


IRONY            [A]ROOM           Ayin-Resh-Vav-Mem

Ah-ROOM__________ערום________[ARM --> IRN]

ROOTS: IRONY  is thought to be from IE "root" wer-6 (to speak), and Greek eirein (to speak).

But Greek eiron  and ironia are more nuanced, they mean "pretense…pretending to be naïve."

This Greek word is traced to the Akkadian (extinct Semitic) erewum (covering).

What Al Ansley has done in uncovering these nuances is to illustrate the craft behind the first, most obvious wordplay in the very playful Hebrew Bible.

Adam and Eve are ערום [A]ROOM (naked or uncovered) in Genesis 2:25.  In the very next verse (3:1), they confront the most ערום [A]ROOM (translated "subtle") creature, the Nachash (a souless humanoid, highest animal,  that would be de-evolved into a lowly "serpent" in 3:14).

Clearly, ערום [A]ROOM is one of those oxymoronic Edenic words like שנה SHaNaH, which means both to change and to repeat the same thing – see 'CHANGE.”

Such words are torturous to Western Bible translators, but we can now understand the irony of this magnifent wordplay. Adam and Eve are ערום [A]ROOM 'naked', that is guileless. Not clothed in deceit, but all עור [O]WR (skin or awareness -- see ORIENTATION, CORIUM and Genesis 3:21). But our snakey foil is the most ערום [A]ROOM (IRONIC) creature, a crafty, subtle trickster who knows how to play naïve with the naïve. The Nachash may havebeen a Naked Ape, but he is clothed in devious deceit.



BRANCHES: Ansley notes the 11times in the Hebrew Bible where  ערום [A]ROOM  appears.   As above, it has a positive and negative sense. In Proverbs 14:8 it means "prudent;" but  in Job.15:5 it means "sly" and "crafty."   Ironie is a borrowing in French and German. Marrak, crafty, sly in Basque is not; but is an M321 or reversal of ערום  GHaROOM  (S-G).

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