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By Isaac Mozeson



TAGALOG (Philippines) – Edenic

Most Tagalog words are initially from Chinese (C), Dravidian (D), English (E), Indonesian (I) or Spanish (S). These will be indicated, if known, with a B (borrowing, see below)  efore the ultimate origin (<) in Edenic is given.
 Thesis: It is not proposed that Tagalog and its various sources come directly from Biblical Hebrew, 'Edenic,' but that the ultimate source of all languages is the Proto-Earth we shall call Edenic.
Key to romanized Hebrew: Vowels in lower case. Root letters in Upper Case with [brackets] around unpronounced letters or non-historic ones in the derivative language.
Aleph א = A or any Upper Case VOWEL, Betב  = B, Bhet = BH or (V), Gimel  ג= G,
 Dalet = ד D, Hey  ה= H, Vav  ו= V, OO or OA, Zayinז  = Z,
Het   ח= [K]H or K[H], Tetט  = DT, Yod  י= Y, Kahf כ,ך K, Khaf = KH, Lamed  ל= L, Memמ,ם  = M, Noon,  נ = N, Samekh  ס= $, Ayin  ע= bracketed UPPER CASE [VOWEL]
 or GH, Peyפ,ף  = P, Phey = PH or F,  Zaddi  צ,ץ= TS (always read ST in European),
 Koof  ק= Q,  Raish  ר= R or WR, Shin  ש= SH, Sin = S, Tahf   ת= T, TH, or (S)
ß  The Tagalog reverses the Edenic
B   the term is borrowed and not from early Slavic
M a metahesis of the Edenic.  An M132 metathesis means that the Russian word uses the first, third then second Edenic root letter.
N   the Edenic source has been nasalized with an extra M or N.
Letter Shifts:   S-B  a shift in bilabials (B,F,P,V,W), 
S-G  shift in gutturals (hard C,G,H,K,Q), 
S-D  shift in dentals (D,T),   S-L shift  in liquids (L,R) ,
S-N shift  in nasals M,N), S-F  shift  in fricatives or sibilants (soft C, S, SH, Z)  
 --  all vowels interchange.  Unbolded  and lower-case letters are not in the root.
Key: English meaning -- Tagalog word – B borrowed from an initial source— other letter-keyed directions to get to the ultimate Edenic source (4 lines down).
Ankle   ukung-bukong  <  N ß  S-G  S-B  עקב   GHaQaiBH, heel, hoof    
CARABAO (water buffalo, kerbau in Malay) < M231  בקר   BaQaR,  cattle 
Child  1. anak <     יונקYoNaiQ, suckling, child   YOUNG
           2. bata <    BahT, daughter, child   FETUS
Clouds  alapaap  < S-L  S-B      עריף   [A]ReeYPH, sky   ROOF
Cow   aka   <  בקר    BaQaR, cattle ( see CARABOU)
Crush  durugin  <   S-G    דרך DaRahKH is to press down, tread down as the  
    crushing of   grapes in a wine-press (Nehemiah 13:15)   'DRUG'
Cry out  lyak  <   ß   S-L     קרא QaRAh  ,   to read aloud,  cry or call out
Dad    tatay   <  S-D דוד DOAD , uncle, any beloved male relative,
     as דודי DOADeeY  'my beloved ' ( Songs 1:8); 
     ידיד   YiDeeYD, friend   DAD
Day   araw  <  M312    אורOWR, light   AURA
Dirt   dumi <  אדמה ADaMaH, earth, ground    'MUD'
Enter   asok <   פסח  Pe$aK[H], entrance-way   PASSAGE
                         [ Ryan Tinte Dizon]
Eye   mata   B-I    <  ß     תמונה     TiMOONaH, picture  ;  S-D  
      דמה    DaMaH., to look like, and דמות  DiMooT, image    'DUMMY¨
Father   ama <  מי  MaY, from…as in a parent    MAMA
Happy    masaya    <  M213  שמיח    SaMaYa[K]H, happy SMUG
Hold, grasp   kapit   <  חטף    K[H]aDTaPH, to catch, snatch;  קטף     QaDTaPH
     (pluck)   HUNT
Home;  to dwell   tahanan  <  מחנה  Ma[K]HaNeH, a camp;   חנה   [K]aNeH, to encamp, 
    settle down to stay   HAUNT
Illness, pain   akit    < M231      צוקה    TSOOQaH trouble and distress
Joy  ligaya <   M312       גיל     GeeYLaH,  joy    GALA

Judge  hukom  <   [K]HaKHaM, wise man  'ACUMEN
(Arabic: doctor; Jewish (Sefardic):  rabbi ; Chaldean: magician)

King   hari <  ß    רעה  RoaGHeH, shepherd (source of many  'King'
    words)  REICH
Liquor   alak  <   B-I  Arabic arak is fruit juice.  In Modern Hebrew,  and
    throughout the Middle East Arak is liquor
Moon  buwan  <  לבנה  LeBHaNaH, moon  [ALBINO]
Neck leeg, liig <  ß  עול  GHOAL (collar, yoke) see many Ayin-Lamed
    neck words at 'COLLAR¨
Pain  ee:  illness
Shoulder  alikat   <    B-M  +L,  M231, S-B  כתף    KaTaiF, shoulder  
sky  alapaap <  S-L     עריף [A]ReeYPH, sky  ROOF
Stomach  tiyan <   BeDTeN, stomach  VENTRICLE
Sun araw <  M312  אור  OWR, light AURA
True, correct    tama   < ß  אמת    EMeT, true  ETYMOLOGY
 Virgin  irhen <בר   BaR, pure  PURE
 Weight  bigat  < S-B  S-G  S-D      כבד  KoBHeD, weight  [HEFT]
Whale balyena B-S ballena, whale; Latin <  בלע BaL[A]h to swallow whole (a whale's baleen over its huge mouth to
swallow plankton) BALEEN
Window bintana      N. [extra N] < HeeBeeYDT (to look at) VIDEO
World  mundo  B Spanish <  ß  N.  ADaMaH, land  'MUD'
2013  E-Word Digital Dict. (1200 pgs of data); The Origin of Speeches( Edenics theory) :
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Edenics DVDs. Edenic (Biblical Hebrew) as the original, pre-Babel human language program, see our many resources at incl. videos in English, Spn., Fr. or Ger. youtube: v=glWG3coAtEg

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