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By Isaac Mozeson



 BASK(ET)    $aBHahKH     Samekh-Bhet-Khaf
Sah-BHAHKH _ _____ סבך      ____[SBK à BSK]
ROOTS:  BASKET  has no Indo-Eeuropean 'root.'   The AHD cites a pretend Vulgar Latin word  *baskauta and shrugs, 'of  Celtic origin.'  etter displays the basket case of Semiticless etymology.  They cite  French dialect bâchot, bachou , a wooden  vessel (missing the music of BSK), Old High German baskiza,  ox,  and  Latin bascauda , asin,  (better sound correspondence, but not the interwoven basket).

When etymologies are this clueless, it often means that the Edenic etymon is more 'confounding' than mere letter shifts or nasalization.  There are mild bilabial and guttural shifts, but mainly an M213 metathesis scrambled the Edenic here.  BASK(ET) takes the   ב Bhet (2),  סSamekh (1) and  ך,כ Khaf (3) of the words below: 

  סבך  $aBHahKH (to interweave – Nahum  1:10), סבכה    $iBHaKHaH  (lattice, network),    סבוך  $eeBOOKH (entanglement).    סבך  $iBHaKH is the 'thicket' where the ram entangles his horn, and replaces Isaac as sacrifice in Genesis 22:13. 
The  ס-ב sub-root of doubling back (akin to  שב SHahBH, return) is seen at SWIVEL.
BRANCHES:   Finnish vasu, basket, may be reversing $BH(KH). The Arabic basket is  from סל $ahL (basket).  One Latin 'basket' word is canua, echoing  קנה QaNeH, reed (see CANE).

The Albanian, Belarusian (košyk), Bosnian  (koš),  Bulgarian , Czech, Croatian, Polish  koszyk, Slovak  and Romanian (coș)  'baskets' sound like kosh; made with the stuff of an Edenic basket, as קש  QahSH is straw (see CASEFY.)  Hungarian, Irish and Macedonian have longer  KS 'basket' words.

 The Dutch basket, korf, German Korb, Estonian korv, Icelandic  körfu, Latvian kurvis, Lithuanian gurbas,  Norwegian  kurven, and Serbian корпа korpa  are all made from   ערב GHaRahBH, to mingle or interweave (see 'SCRABBLE).  Italian has both cesta (like Spanish and Portuguese) and corbello.
2013  E-Word Digital Dict. (1200 pgs of data); The Origin of Speeches( Edenics theory) :
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