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By Isaac Mozeson

the origin of PHOTOGRAPHY


Before PHOTONS there was the word. And that word was  פז PahZ ( gold).

The entry:


(TO)PAZ            PahZ              Pey-Zayin


ROOTS:   The confused, made-up Indo-European root is bha-1 (to shine).  This monstrous Frankenstein creation cobbled together in the language laboratory is due to the Germanic source of “beacon.”

The AHD lumps “beckon” with “beacon,” “berry” with “phantom,” and includes the PHOS- and PHOTO- words below.  They declare berries “bright-colored fruit,” since they never heard of blackberries. 

They certainly never considered  פרי PeRY (fruit – see “BERRY.”)

Webster’s traces TOPAZ to Greek topazos;  TOPAZ is a yellow crystal.

 פז PahZ is gold (Psalms 19:11);  מופז MOOPHahZ  is "refined gold" in I Kings 10:18.


BRANCHES:  הפז HayPHayZ is to shine.  From these glowing Edenic   Pey-Zayin words Greek got phos (light).  English, therefore, got from Greek several PHOS- and PHOTO- words, like PHOSPHATE , PHOTON and PHOTOGRAPHY.

  TOPAZA  is a South American bird with green and gold plumage and a brownish-gold color.  TOPAZINE and TOPAZOLITE are yellow colors for anatomical and mineral uses.

There over 150 SULFUR words. The given source of this yellow substance is Latin sulphur, with is inexplicably to mean SULFUR, as if the Romans invented it.

The word more likely is a corruption of Arabic asfar(yellow).  1. The Arabic is Babel-babble, a metathesis, and an added –ar suffix of our Edenic gold word    פז PahZ

 2, Asfar is an M132 of  שרף SaRaF, to burn.  A secondary attempt to link SULFUR to Edenic is at “SERPENT.”      See PHOSPHORUS.


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