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By Isaac Mozeson

Remembering Contributor's Gems


Too many people helping us get global cognates in Edenics  try to fit round pegs into square holes, Please remember that your English or Spanish word is NOT likely to come from the same definition in your Hebrew dictionary.

It may fit the THEME, if the Sound matches the Sense correspondence. More likely, if fits some unexpected word where the match of Music and Meaning requires some creativity.

A good example is below.  Rev. Jonathan Mohler heard a resemblance between words in 'unrelated' languages, which, after letter shifts,  matched both Sound and Sense.  Well, sort of.  Then the German word from the same Edenic source confirmed JM's find.

I do try to acknowledge all contributors.  Maybe the German was from Regina W.  Sorry if I forgot this one.

The entry:

ABLA(TION)   BaLaH   Bet-Lamed-Ayin

Bah-LAH              בלה                          [BL]

ROOTS:  1) The second definition of ABLATION is a geological term of wearing or wasting away.       בלה   BaLaH  means to decay, wear out, consume (Deuteronomy 8:4).

בלע BaL[A]h is

To ruin, destroy(II Samuel 17:16), to swallow or BOLT down food (Proverbs 19:28).

 נבל  NaBHahL, a form of  בלה BaLaH,  means to fade, shrivel, wither, decay (Exodus 18:18).

BR consuming is at DEVOUR.

2) Latin ablatius is from past perfect of auferre (carried away). העביר H’[E]VeeYR means to transfer, remove.  See FERRY.


BRANCHES:  BLOT as a verb can mean to erase. This is close to  בלה BaLaH, but the more common, noun meaning is at BLOTCH.

To WEAR out or WEAR down  is only a bilabial and liquid shift away from בלה BaLaH.  See “WEAR OUT.”

 A person who is WORN down is WEARY,  even if only by a WEARISOME speaker or writer.  

German verwelken is to fade or witherPerhaps a memory that fades away is like a shoe sole that WEARS away. Jonathan Mohler noticed that Luyia (Bantu) ibirira and French oublier are bilabial-liquid words of forgetting.

 All peoples only have the Edenic human language program in their memory.  It is perfectly logical for a physical word of melting away to be employed in a mental area.

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--- On Mon, 12/27/10, Jonathan Mohler <> wrote:

From: Jonathan Mohler <>
Subject: I forgot to remember to forget
To: 'isaac mozeson' <>
Date: Monday, December 27, 2010, 11:04 PM

Hi Isaac,

I was looking up the Luyia word for 'FORGET', wishing to compare it with שכח; what I found was the verb IBIRIRA, which is oddly similar to the French verb meaning to forget, OUBLIER.  I was hoping you might shed some light on this, as I see both words are Bilabial-Liquid-Liquid.



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