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By Isaac Mozeson

Happy New Yahr !


Happy New Yahr !

Yahr, that's  Yiddish and German. Yes, from יריח YaReYaGH, moon.

But aren't years counted by SUNS, not MOONS or MONTHS?

Jews and Moslems are moon watchers. Greek mona, moon, reflects the מנה MaNaH, counting which named words like aMOUNt, NUMber and MONey.

In the entry below, see how a Moslem moon (such as one atop a minaret) is a more appropriate orb with with to wish you a year of light and joy:

(MI)NAR(ET)   NaiR   Noon-Vav-Resh

NOOR                       נר                            [NR]

ROOTS: The Moslem light-tower, the MINARET at every mosque, is from Arabic minarah.  It is of couse from the Hebrew מנורה  MiNoRaH, candelabra or MINORAH (Exodus 25:31).. נור NOOR means to give light, shine or burn, with Semitic forms from Akkadian to Arabic, like Aramaic נורא NOORAh (fire) and NaHoR (light). נר  NaiR is a light, lamp or candle (Exodus 27:20).   NeeYR is a light in I Kings 11:36. Arabic nahar, day time…when it is light, becomes important below (Bander Fraikh).

Emitting much light, heat and fire is the תנור TaNOOR, oven (Genesis 15:17). As a sub-root combining with Noon-Resh, Tahf-Noon as in  תנה  TaNaH is “to extend” (Psalms 8:2). Elsewhere, the TN sound has the sense of abiding, or being contained in a large receptacle – see TON.

The Noon-Resh sound and sense reversed, reinforces the Biblical link between light and joy, see RUNE and AURA ( אורהOWRaH means light and happiness. If you think “light” and “joy” is a stretch, you are forgetting that gloomy means dark.)



BRANCHES:  Swahili nuru (light) is likely borrowed from Semitic. Unlikely borrowings from Semitic include Korean nal, day (light time),  Chinese ran (to light, ignite or burn – reverse NR), and Modern Greek ime’ra (day).  Italian day, giornio, may be preserving the RN 'day' element (reversed, but) seen in JOURNAL. Any NR-RN is lost in French jour (day). Although the Late Latin is diurnum, (day), the Indo European root rests weakly on the D, citing deiw (to shine…sky, heaven) as the root. These lexicograpgers want us to believe that JOURNAL is a cognate of DEITY, TUESDAY and DISMAL.

Reverse N-R in Mohawk “dawn” : rhen.  Uto-Aztecan  na’ay is fire.   

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Akiva   1/5/2011 4:56:00 AM
Presumably TaNoor has something to do with Tandoor an oven from which the yummy Indian Tandoori emerges...

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