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By Isaac Mozeson

Scratch Culture, Find a European Farmer; Scratch Deeper, Find an African Sorcerer


Multiculturalism has changed the Dead-White-Male CULTURE I was taught.  Now Edenics comes along, offering the New Word Order.

CULT(URE)      K[H]aRahDT     Het-Resh-Tet

KHah-RUT____ חרט _____[KH-R-DT à KLT]

ROOTS: The given etymology is about plowing and CULTIVATING a field. Non-farmers would like something more CULTURAL behind such a proud word. Not to aggravate the current KULTURKAMPF, but CULTURE appears to have begun by Africans who had palaces when Athenians lived in caves


 חרט K[H]ARahDT is to scrape, GRADE or CARD, especially with a chisel or stylus (Isaiah 8:1). The CULTURE-scratching (GRADING) link is first established by the cutters or hieroglyphic writers of Ancient Egypt, the   חרטמים K[H]aRTooMeeYM (sacred scribes) of Exodus 8:3.

 K[H]aROOTS is the sharpness of a cutting implement. Only a liquid shift from Resh/R to L is needed to follow the Hebrew Bible, and scrape away Greco-Roman cultural claims.

While גרד GayRaiD  is to scrape, make level, the opposite by metathesis is דרג DaRahG, to  make steps, GRADUATED  GRADES, as in the terracing common in Judea. See GRADE.


BRANCHES:  Apparently, CULTURE begins  with a CULT.

 CARDS, CARTA, CHARTS, CARTOGRAPHY and many other important cultural artifacts were animal skins, etc. that were scraped flat, what farmer does on a larger scale.


Did Joseph come to Egypt with a Hebrew writing system? Apparently. Hebrew letters are numbers, and Joseph was the region's first recorder of inventory... first for a powerful estate, and then for world's superpower. More on the literacy controversy in The Origin of Speeches (new edition ready by Passover.)

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