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By Isaac Mozeson



As your cosmic C.P.A. I thought I'd straighten out the FISCAL record:

FISC(AL)      Ke$eF      Kahf-Samekh-Phey

KeS-ef____    __כסף_     ____[KSF à FSK]

ROOTS:  Latin fiscalis involves the public funds. Latin fiscus  means 'treasury.'  This word  is officially of  “unknown origin.” 

Not known for humility, some lexicographer published his wild guess that originally FSK must have meant a  'purse, basket made of twigs (in which money was kept).'  Money is kept in a leather bag or purse (see BURSAR), not, of course, an open basket. There is no FSK purse word offered to back up this counterfeit coinage.

When there is no Indo-European “root” to reconstruct, and no cognates to be found, there is likely an Edenic source word that requires a metathesis.

 A full reversal of FSK, or an M321 metathesis of  FSK is  כסף  Ke$eF. כסף   Ke$eF means silver, but infers money as early as Genesis 32:45.


BRANCHES:   FISCAL infers revenue, with FISCAL YEAR the common usage for tax purposes.

In Spanish fisco means the exchequer or treasury.

The name CASPER or KASPER  is Chaldean (the Semitic language of Abraham before he was taught the one Antediluvian language of Edenic by Eber). The name means “Master of the Treasure.”  Perhaps friendly ghosts and the CASPIAN SEA have a silvery quality that harks back to כסף   Ke$eF (silver).

Much fiscal success !

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