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By Isaac Mozeson



Our reference books are an UDDER disgrace !
You know, dude, the lexicographers can't even milk a cow.

The entry:

UDD(ER)           DahD             Dalet-Dalet

DUD_________דד_____  ____[DD à TT]

 The given  Indo-European  “root” for UDDER is euedh.

 Latin uber (udder) is an utter challenge to link to a double-dental word ,

but it is Latin, so they cite it anyway. 

 דד DahD is a breast, nipple  (Ezekiel 23:8; Proverbs 5:19).

Much more at TEAT.


BRANCHES:   Double –dental Dalet-Dalet  words are TITILATING for lovers ,  דוד DOAD,  and friends like   ידיד YiDeeYD (beloved).   See DAD and “DUDE.”

          In Araona (Amazon)  tsedo  is a breast.  The TS allows a second  Edenic possibility:  שד

 SHahD, breast, teat ( Lamentations 4:3).

  Hindi dudh is milk, what one gets from the UDDER of a cow or goat. 

See MILK to see how the liquid was named for the verb of extracting milk from an UDDER.

Wait 6 hours after reading this before having a burger.


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