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By Isaac Mozeson

The Raven Has Landed



Following the Flight of the Edenic Raven

[A]ReBH or GHaReBH

or HaReVor , with a metahesis,

(soft or hard) guttural-bilabial-liquid


Latin CoRVus

French CoRBeau

Italian  CoRVino

Spanish CueRVo


Danish RaVn

Dutch RaeF

German RaBe

Old English HRaeFn


Croatian  GaVRan

Czech  HaVRan

Serbian GaVRan

Ukrainian  VoRon


Basque  eVRola

Finnish KoRPPi


Welsh HaFRan 

The make-believe, “reconstructed” Indo-European “root” for RAVEN is ker (imitative bird sound).

Edenic ערב [A]Re(V) or GHaRe(V) (raven) reflects the black of [E]Re(V), evening, and guttural-liquid-bilabial (throat-tongue-lips explains the W in CROW.

Which bird root flies better for you?


Sorry the graphic could not survive this email. But it appears in the new edition of The Origin of Speeches, now being Intelligently Designed.

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