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By Isaac Mozeson

The Heavy Weight of Honoring Parents



כבד KaBHaiD (to honor, respect,

as in honoring parents in Exodus 20:12)

is a guttural-bilabial-dental or throat-lip-tooth word

with 1) a Kahf-Bet sub-root plus 2)  a Bet-Dalet sub-root.

The Kahf-Bet sub-root is seen in  K כבשaBHahSH (to subdue).

The Bet-Dalet sub-root word is seen in  עבד  [A]BHahD (to serve).

Whether an indentured servant or a loving child, giving honor and respect involves SUBDUING one’s ego to be in a position of SERVING another.

 כבד KVD is weight and honor, treating one as a heavyweight, and not treating them lightly.

The heavy כבד[   KaBHeD]  lifting

of a servant  [ עבד  GHeBHeD ]

 can be a heavy burden on some grown children.

       e-word entries to consult or search at HEFT, KIBOSH,OBEDIEDIENCE.”
link by Al L. Ansley

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