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By Isaac Mozeson



There were wonderful Indian food smells from her kitchen
as Dr Kranti Frrias checked additions to the Hindi-Edenic  list.

BASMATI rice came up. Thus the additions to the entry below:

BA(L)SAM     BoSeM      Bet-Sin-Mem

BO-SEM________בשם _______[BSM]

ROOTS: BALSAM is from Latin balsamum; it is a gummy plant resin used for perfume. BALSAMIC means fragrant.

  בשם BoSeM is the term for the fragrant spices used in Temple worship. Spelled with aש   Sin/S in Exodus 30:23, it is spelled  בסם  Boa$eM, with a  ס Samekh/$, elsewhere.  Both spellings render words which mean perfume and the verb 'to be fragrant:'

 Song of Songs 4:16 'Awake, 0’ north wind, come, 0 south wind! Blow upon by garden, that its perfume may spread.'   In Exodus 35:8 the similar fricative-nasal words are presented near each other in the Torah’s typical incremental repetition of comparable terms:

שמים  SaMeeYM (spices), then סמים  $aMeeM(incense). 

The fragrant  סמדר  $MaDaR, (blossom – Songs  7:13) should be a combination  of  סם Samekh-Mem (smell) + דר D-R (release), as דרור DROAR  (freedom, release – Leviticus 25:19.)   The release of spring smells.

For the built-in opposite of B-S sweet smells, see   באש   Ba'AHSH, to  stink,  at  BISON.



BRANCHES:  BALM is from Greek balsamon (balsam).

BASMATI rice is aromatic Indian rice. 

If a BSM word of fragrance exists in Greek, Latin and Hindi, especially with an added L and T, it is not borrowed from the Semitic, but an Edenic word that no one (no adult) had to learn.

שום SHOOM (garlic- Numbers 11:5) is similar in Akadian (shumu).

SMELL has no Indo European  “root”.   Beside the S-M smells above, a scent of something is like a sense of it .   See SIMULATION.

 How did BALSAM get the extra L ?  Liquids (L,R) are occasionally added to Edenic roots.  See CALM.

Arabic changes Edenic קנה QaNeH, reed, stalk, to qalam, stalk, reed…. whence the writing quill CALAMUS.

Hungarian kaLap is a cap.

Sabbath, New Moon, and New Year (Chinese) greetings from my Ontario Winter Wonderland
 (as in, 'I wonder why I'm not in the Israeli desert, like last winter?')

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