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By Isaac Mozeson

Your Edenics Map to the Stars


Many so-called religious people reject everything about astrology, just because parts were tainted by idolatry.  They throw out the baby with the bathwater.

Even the word ZODIAK may be wrongly presented, but there is an underlying value
to everything in Creation.

The entry:

ZODIAC       TSeDeQ       Tsadi-Dalet-Koof

(T)ZED-EK ________צדק_________[ZDK]

ROOTS:   צדק  ZODIAC (an astrological belt in the heavens) may not be (as claimed) from Greek zoion (animal) + kyklos (circle).

 It's ZODIAK, not 'zoklos,' and the ZODIAC (only half with animal sun-signs) was studied as the core of a sacred science centuries before the Greek isles were settled.

צדק   TSeDeQ means justice (Leviticus 19:16), prosperity and ascendancy (Isaiah 46:13), theological or mathematical justification  Z is barely a shift for the letter  צ Tsadi/TS.

Even more pertinent, צדק TSeDeQ means the planet Jupiter, a celestial force of righteousness.

 צדק TSeDeQ (justice) is a combination of  צד  TSaD (side – see SIDE) and    דיק DeeYaiQ (exact – see TACTICIAN). The pursuit of justice requires the exact squaring of opposing sides.

If you are a fixed sign, and prefer the given “animal circle” etymology, see below.


BRANCHES:  Briefly, the inexact “animal circle” etymology involves 

1. zoion (animal)  from   זוע ZOO[A]h (movement, the primary zoological trait)  + 2.  kyklos (circle) from עגל  GHeGoaL, round.          

  לגלג GaLGahL (double wave) = circle. 

For more on the EMeT (truth) behind the confused given etymology, see ZOO and CYCLE.

Reversing  צד   TS-D  to  D-ST  resembles JUST.

 'Just' can also mean 'exact' or 'accurate,' and both sides of a text or of a legal case must be 'justified.'

Most of the individual zodiac signs can be found searching


Happy birthday Aquarius.  Your sign is the water bearer, like the similarly independent tribe of Levi who feeds wisdom to the other eleven tribes/signs.

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