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By Isaac Mozeson

SNAKE HANDLING: Damned If You Do, Damned If You Don't


The diviners of today are the lexicographers who guess etymologies, and sanctify them with publication in your dictionary.

The entry:

CHANCE               Na[K]HeSH                  Noon-Het-Shin   

Na-KHESH     נחש     [N-KH-SHà KH-N-SHàCH-N-S]

ROOTS:  French chance means luck.  But the AHD wants to get lucky and see if you’ll fall for an alleged IE “root” called kad  (to fall). Even though  only magic could get “chance” from KD. For KD falling, see CADENCE.

נחש Na[K]HeSH means to divine by sorcery or necromancy, (Genesis 44:15), source of GUESS (its meaning in Modern Hebrew) and HUNCH (a nasalized חוש  [K]HOOSH or a metathesized נחש Na[K]HaSH). חוש [K]OOSH, to feel, (Ecclesiastes 2:25) is the two-letter root of  נחש Na[K]HeSH.  Feeling, guessing, instinct is close to נחש Na[K]HaSH, a snake, because this blind and unsmelling (accursed) creature must use heat sensors to approximate where its prey is.



BRANCHES: Secular linguists worship chance;  they believe words only have meaning when human speakers assign the word a semantic use.  This ignorance is based on more than sloppy research, and lazy, Eurocentric thinking.  Academia wants I.D, Intelligent Design, to be buried by D.L., Dumb Luck.

Western Civilization had a golden chance to bury snake-based superstition with the Gospels in the 1st Century.  Sadly, Mark 16: 17, 18 offers heaven to those who handle venomous snakes.

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