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By Isaac Mozeson

Pass Go, but Land On the Hotel on "BALTIC"


Monoploly fans, there actually is a region and sea named BALTIC.
But what does BALTIC mean? Well, I have been working on Albanian, and I found the following:

Balte, mud, mire, potter’s earth <  (liquid L added)  בוץ BoaTS, mud, mire .  See the PITCH entry.

  The name “Baltic” was not invented by the 11th C. German explorer who first recorded the  ame.

“Muddy” is a fine name for the shallow Baltic Sea which  has a much disputed,

quite senseless etymology.

Albanian helped with another silly folk etymology that graces our dictionaries.


The dictionary doesn't know what EUROPE means.

Europe or EUROPA in Greek mythology was the Phoenician princess carried off to the West (Crete) by the bullish Zeus.  A Phoenician-Hebrew etymon is not out of place here.

EUROPE is 'the West,' especially to a Middle-Easterner.

In the Hebrew vernacular מערב  (M)’[A]hRaBH means 'West,' as in Psalms 103:12.  The directional prefix מ Mem/ M  is added to the root ערב   Ayin-Resh-Bhet, ערב  [E]ReBH (evening), as West is the direction of twilight and the setting sun.

The Arabic guttural Ayin renders west gharb. The Arabs call their western illegal settlements in North Africa (like Morocco) the MaGHReB.

The Albanian language is older than the silly folk etymology  that would have a region named for a fictional character, instead of the character named for a name of the region.  The Albanian word for a European
(a westerner) is evropian.  After a metathesis, our ע-ר-ב Ayin-Resh-Bet appears again.

Europe chose to exterminate
 their minority, productive, assimilated Semites.

They now face extermination
with a soon-majority of unproductive,
unassimilated Semites.

As Eurabia rises, Europe slowly sinks
in the West.

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