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By Isaac Mozeson

MIND OVER METER: Man's 1st MENTAL Activity.


Only a Eurocentric person, such as an AmJew with a PhD in linguistics, could believe that words like MIND and MENTAL came from the people who were swinging from trees
when literacy, agriculture and urban advances (like traffic) were underway in the Middle East.

There is only one (kinda weak) M-D Semitic etymon for MIND below.  But I figure (caution: word chosen with care) that the first true mental activity of our species was measurement.
Some brains are needed for hunting and gathering, but animals do that pretty well.

The first humans who tried their hand at architecture had to make measurements so their pile of rocks or stack of logs might become a lasting shelter.

The entry: 

MAT(HEMATICS)   MaD[A]h    Mem-Dalet-Ayin

MUD-ah                      מדע              __ [MD à MT]

ROOTS: MATHEMATICS is from Greek mathema (science) , alegedly from the Indo-European (IE)  “root” mendh (to learn).  The Greek isn’t nasalized, but the IE “root” adds the N to include the many MND or MENT words below.

In the large family of Edenic MD terms, the D shifts dentals to T.  מדע MaD[A]h  means science, knowledge or mind (II Chronicles 1:11).   למד LaMahD means to  learn (Deuteronomy 17:14);ממד    MaMaD, ממד MaDaD  (survey, elsewhere: lengthen, as in Arabic) and  מד MahD all mean measuring or to METE out.  See METER.

Akkadian madadu is to measure the length of something. Aramaic מצע MiTS[A]h means middle.  All this M-T measuring is MENTal activity. Aramaic and Syriac מדעה   MaD[A]H means knowledge, understanding. More MD or MT measure words at METER. 


BRANCHES:   The N in MENTAL, MIND and the IE “root” mendh is likely a nasalization of Edenic  מ-ד Mem-Dalet/MD.   MIND is heard in an extension of  מדעה  MaD[A]H called מנדעה   MaND[A]H, which in the Jewish Aramaic of Daniel 2:21 means knowledge, and in 4:31 means understanding.  Aztec mati means to know.

 For  words available from מ-צ  Mem-Tsadi (dental and fricative)  + “measure” and “middle” words, Benjamin Davies presents: English MID and METE,  German messen  and mittel, Latin metior  and medius, Sanskrit madd and Madhya. There’s Welsh mesur and meidre (measure) and Gaelic meadhon (middle).


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