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By Isaac Mozeson




... or EMeTology, since Edenic is אמת  EMeT (true), and Greek etmos (truth), the etymology of ETYMOLOGY,  got confused after The Tower of Babel.
The new entry:


(AB)SOLUTE   ZOOLaT    Zayin-Vav-Lamed-Tahf

ZOO-LUTT_________  זולת_____    __[ZLT à SLT]

ROOTS:  ABSOLUTE, even with vodka, means unmixed, exclusive and independent.

The Eurocentric dictionary etymologies offer us ABSOLUTE fiction.  Latin absolūtus  is alleged to be a past participle of absolvere,  to absolve (a logical stretch), from prefix ab- ab-  + solū-  loosen +  the past participle suffix -tus .

For a less loose source of ABSOLVE or SOLVE, see  a reversed    של SHahL (loosen!) at the LOOSE entry. 

זולת ZOOLaS or ZOOLaT means 'except' or 'save only.' 

The adverb form in Deuteronomy 1:36 or  Deuteronomy 4:12   ('exclusively;' 'nothing but') is זולתי   ZOOLaTeeY.  Harkavy has זולה ZOOLaH meaning “separation…only.” 

 סלה$eLaH ('selah') is a musical instruction in Psalms indicating a pause, an ISOLATION, or even a musical SOLO in an otherwise chorus-sung Temple composition.

  שלSHeL (belonging to) is also a term of fricative-liquid  (S-L) exclusivity.

More at the SOLITARY entry.


BRANCHESAbsolut is actually Swedish.   But ABSOLUTELY the best vodka drinkers know this word as абсолютный absolyutniy (Russian).
 St. Patrick’s Day makes Purim look like Prohibition Day.
Happy Purim; drink responsibly.

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