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By Isaac Mozeson

Milk Duds in the Garden of Hedonism


German  delight is ergotzen.   Tibetan aananda means pleasure . 

The two are not neighbors, but they are both Indo-European.  The meanings are similar.
 So they are possibly related.

 So the pseudo-scientists behind the 'Indo-European' myth  have a way to link these words, right?


 Words evolved chaotically from chimp chatter, and devolved naturally, say the experts,
so a lot of random chaos will get in the way of relating words of similar meanings --
even within the same language families.

Now let us wave off the establishment theories with the same ease and disgust that the 'scholars' did who decided that the Genesis 11 thesis had no merit.

The German 'delight' root, ergotzen,  begins with a G.   This G could be from the Edenic guttural  ע  Ayin or GH.  The TZ is from  a dental shift of the ד  Dalet/D, while the N is the usual  נ    Noon/N.     Edenic 'delight' is Ayin-Dalet-Noon-Hey or עדנה  [E]DNaH (Genesis 18:12).

Then, there is Tibetan aananda, pleasure.   The ANDA  element is a reversal of 
  עדנה  [E]DNaH , and the word begins with a nasalization (extra N). 
  The versatile  Edenic  ע   Ayin is also a vowel.

  עדנה  [E]DNaH means both  delight or pleasure.

The Greek hedone means 'pleasure.'  I bet you can figure out where that word came from.
That's right.  The Garden of HEDONism.  Where Adam was factory-installed with the Edenic or pre-Hebrew Proto-Earth language program that experts despair of ever finding more than a dozen words.

Do you think Semitically-challenged historical linguistics explains the gift of language,
 and explains language diversity better than the Edenics thesis?

Tibetan and Hindi are also both Indo-European.  
Being close neighbors it is not surprising that they have the same word for milk: dudh.

But WHY a D-D word for milk.
WHY is Semitic-less linguistics so vapid that 'WHY' is never asked?

Answer:  milk  is from דוד    DOOD, teat.  TEAT has two T's (dentals);  this is in the E-Word CD Dict. in the 'UDDER' entry.
UDDER, a cow or goat's teat, also has two dentals
(tooth-made D or T letters).

World Words are from Adam.  Better include Eve too.
 They were learned at the breast. Migrations and milennia alone
do not explain language diversity. There was a Big Bang at Babel (Sumer). New data, new information will sweep away the current weird science in our dictionaries.  In several years the old-theory linguistics professors will be greeted by gales of laughter, and the 'eep, eep' of monkey cries as students vacate the classroom.

'But, but, but....' stammer the PhDs, the prehistoric Proto-Earth can't possibly be related to a living language. (Especially not one spoken by Jews.)

This question is simply answered.  The same genius who explains how the Jews are still around today will clue us in.

Welcome to The New Word Order.

The 1000-page E-Word CD Dict. that can accompany the new edition of The Origin of Speeches is also vastly upgraded from last year. agreed to reduce this add-on
 to break-even price.

I'm in transit for a few days. Trading in my view of Lake Ontario for my usual view of the Sea of Galilee.

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