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By Isaac Mozeson

B-Z Explains Z-B ... in the language of Divine Design


ב-ז Bet-Zayin is the root of words for wasteful, בזבז BeeZBooZ (squandering)

and בזר BaZaR (scattering -- Daniel 11:24 ),

which can involve a בזיון BeeZaYOAN (disgrace).

Reverse to ז-ב Zayin-Bhet for the זב ZahBH (person with a leak of sexual fluid or a

זוב ZOABH -- Leviticus 15-33).

Unlike Hebrew words for purposeful and useful spilling or pouring ,

ז-ב Zayin-Bhet/ Z-B involves a wasteful leak.

(See SEEP)

And how would a person,  as in this week's Torah portion,

get physically and spiritually cleansed ?

With  the  אזוב   AYZOABH (hyssop plant -- see SOAP).

   א  Aleph in the typical 3-consonant root can be a negative prefix,

like the A in ASSYMETRICAL.


This was new today, but many other examples are in
  The Origin of Speeches -- new edition: see below)  


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