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By Isaac Mozeson



Toto el mundo, tout la monde ... the whole world still thinks and secretly speaks in the factory-installed human language of Eden?

Could it be that our books on word history are just cosmetics?

The new entry:

MU(N)D(ANE)      ADaMaH     Aleph-Dalet-Mem-Hey
 Mah-RUCK           אדמה             [DM à MD à MND]
ROOTS:   The  Indo-European “root”  of  MUNDANE is mundus (women’s cosmetics, also world).  The AHD adds for this source of MUNDANE (worldly), “Latin noun of unknown origin; possibly from Etruscan.”

 No doubt the dead white authorities could not have been looking backwards at a Semitic world of words.

אדמה  ADaMaH  means a land, not just land or soil (Genesis 1:25).
 The entire אדמה  ADaMaH  (world, 'the earth')  is wiped clean by a Flood in Genesis 7:4.
 The word can mean “countries,” as in Psalm 49:12, and may address the D-M core of DOMAIN.

  Reversing the  ד-מ  Dalet-Mem/DM  of אדמה  ADaMaH,  and nasalizing it (extra N)
 gave Latin mundi (world), which broke up to many familiar M-D 'world' words.

The antediluvian  אדמה ADaMaH meant everything standing on the ground.  Standing,
  standing one’s ground, enduring or remaining (Exodus 9:28) is  עמידה  [A]MeeYDaH.
 The shift from   א  Aleph to  ע  Ayin, and the reversal of  ד-מ  D-M to  מ-ד  M-D doesn’t prevent  ע-מ-ד Ayin-Mem-Dalet, standing, from being an important relative.

  Forms of עמד  [A]MahD mean establish, persevere, and lasting, not a shabby complementary etymon for M-D (nasalized) words for WORLD.  עמוד    [A]MOOD is a pillar in Exodus 13:22. A nasal shift away, in Japanese, antei means stability and steadiness.

 As usual, everything displayed in the internal engineering of Edenic is also evident in the external (multilingual) aspect of Edenics  -- which allows us to ingather the word's words in exile since Babel.

More D-M earthiness at  DEMOCRAT, DUNG and 'MUD.'

BRANCHES:    Languages that did not reverse the Edenic dental-nasal word for 'world' include Azerbaijani and Turkish  dünya,
 Hindi दुनिया duniya,  Indonesian dinia , Irish domhan (a further clue for DOMAIN) and Maltese dinja.

Bahasa Malaysia tanah, like  אדמה ADaMaH, means both dirt and land. (The Malay dental and nasal both shifted: D-M to T-N).
  In Saami, the Uralic language of Lapland, land or earth is aednan.  In Latvian, duna is a mass of moist earth or mud.
MUD  from אדמה ADaMaH is the pathway to the nasalized 'world' words familiar to Europeans.  There is French monde, Italian mondo and Spanish mundo (same in Filipiuno, Galician and Portuguese).

Slavic 'world' words are not scientific or geographical,  but are thinking about the inhabited world, the  ישוב  YeeSHOOBH (settled area,
where people  יושב   YOASHaiBH, dwell ).   Perhaps the best preserved ישוב    YeeSHOOBH  is Croatian svijet (M2321).
 Other Slavic fricative-bilabial words for 'world' include  Belarusian свеце sviecie,  Polish świata , Serbian свет svet (similar in  Bulgarian, Czech, Slovak, Slovenian and Ukrainian).

The standard Edenic word for 'world' --  עולם [O]WLahM (the eternal world, Ecclesiastes 3:11 -- did appear in some languages, like:  Estonian maailma, Finnish maailman, Romanian lume, the reversed (S-L) Russian мире mire and Swahili ulimwengu.

What's up with the linguists using COSMETICS above?  COSMIC and COSMOS are  from Greek 'world,' κόσμο cosmo.  This is a guttural shift from Aramaic  גשם GeSHeM (body) and Arabic jism (solid substance).  In Biblical Hebrew   גשם GeSHeM is only rain (which sustains the physical word), but Middle Hebrew has גשמי   GaSHMeeY (physical, corporeal, worldly).

The readers of COSMOPOLITAN, they hope, are not MUNDANE, but so very wordly.

More 'world' words, variants of German welt -- an  M231 metathesis of  תבל Te(V)eL are at the WORLD entry.

Whatever language you speak or enjoy, you can co-author a book on it.

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