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By Isaac Mozeson

A Blog About ZERO


Many languages borrowed ZERO.  From whom?
They guess from the people who gave us Arabic numerals.  They guess wrongly.

If you've got a car that goes zero-to-sixty in ten seconds
you got to have that number smaller than one.

Biblical Hebrew has no ZERO.
If you have nothing, you have nothing to count.

 אפס   EPHe$ is used by Israelis to mean ZERO.
But in Scripture it means NOTHINGNESS or the END OF THE WORLD.
Source of ABYSS   (slight bilabial or lip-made shift).

But if ZERO isn't in Edenic, then nothing is.

So there has got to be some form of Z-R in the world's oldest
sustained writing. It would be significant if it meant next to nothing.

In Genesis 19: 20-23 Lot asks to escape the irradiation of the evil-twin cities
Sodom and Gomorrah in a small  (Z-R) city, subsequently called צוער TSoW[A]ahR (insignificant).

A person feeling unworthy calls himself this Z-R term in
 the entry:

ZERO             TSa[E]eYhR           Tsadi-Ayin-Resh

Tsah-EAR              צעיר _           [TS-R à ZR]

ROOTS:  European ZERO is said to have spread via Arabic. It is thought that Arabic sifr (cipher) is the source.  For CIPHER see   ספר  $aFaR (to count) at the DECIPHER entry.

 צערTSa[A]hR means “was small, of little importance” in Aramaic and Hebrew.  In Judges 6:15 reluctant hero Gideon calls himself the 'least'  in his family, the צעיר TS[A]heeYR  (the zero). 

Arabic saghura means “was small.”  Arabic does have the word, but it was not used for sifr (ZERO).    צעיר TS[A]heeYR is young or small -- Genesis 29:26.


BRANCHES: ZERO is widely borrowed (Basque, French, Italian, Japanese,Latin and Portuguese, with simple variations like Galician and Spanish cero, and more exotic variants like Armenian զրո zro.   The Korean ZERO is particularly tasteful:  제로 jelo .

But variations of NULL are twice as popular as ZERO, and these are not from Arabic. Languages that DO use Arabic sifr (zero) include Azerbaijani  and Turkish sifir, and Swahili sifuri.

The dictionaries are theoretically right that numbers should have spread through Arabic.  But, for example,  Hindi  शून्य Śūn'ya is from  שום  SHOOM (nothing).

Perhaps more fanatic than secular linguists,  Arabic linguists would never accept  that Arabic is from a primeval Semitic from Eden which is best preserved by Zionists.

Atom, the smallest particle, is zarre in Persian/Farsi.  In Iran they know the atom.  But even in Moslem Iran many words look more Edenic than Arabic.


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