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By Isaac Mozeson

EDENICS: A Dirty Job, But Somebody's Got To Do It


Super-Edenicist Fernando Aedo sent me a fabulous, long article on language history,
full of lovely charts and family trees.


But ten pages later I say:  Blah, blah, blah ... eep eep eep.
This is all just monkey cries.
Nonsense about words having no meaning
except where humans have assigned usage to them.

This world without meaning is meaningless to me.

WHY does Modern Greek  nero mean 'water'?
If they ask, never mind answer, such  questions,
 the language 'scholars'  might actually get somewhere
in quests for the ages and source of languages.

The oldest language theory extant  suggests that נהר  NaHaR (river)
 is a primary source of drinkable (sweet) water.

Why does German MeeR -- reversed nasal-liquid in Hittite aRuNa -- mean sea?
 Because ocean water is undrinkable or 'bitter' - מר  MaR (bitter)
 מר    MaR (bitter) is specifically used to describe undrinkable water
 when the Israelites are bit- , I mean: complaining
in Exodus 15:23.

The article featured the debate between scientists:
 if the Indo-European family spread via conquest or the spread of agriculture.

Both sides only see the NATURAL language breakups, the mild stuff like the anatomically-based letter shifts that you are learning from Edenics.

But what about the UNNATURAL stuff, like the reversal above?
 Linguists are afraid to see it.
It's the 500-lb. gorilla in the room.

The bette noir (fearsome Black Beast) of anyone with an ego hyper-extended enough to get a PhD in Humanities (where the tender is approval, not cash) is having to contend with
an unknown area where your lifelong expertise is worthless: like Hebrew.

If it's a 'coincidence' that Japanese kutsu (suffering) is a reversal of many global S-K 'sick' words, then I guess I'll have to chart 1000 such 'coincidences.'

It's a dirty job, but somebody's got to do it.

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