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By Isaac Mozeson

Part II Proof That the Bad POLES Were Mother-Rapers


Part II:  Polish from the language of the Old Country, Eden

GRoD (town; citadel)  as in LeninGRAD)  <  M132   גדר GeDeR (fence –  unlike European fortress cities,  Slavic cities were fenced in with stockades of wood. [GRID]            

GRuB-as (fatty)  <  S-G  S-L       חלב  K[H]eLeBH, fat [LIVER]

HRaBia (count, countess with –ina) < M132  or M321  אביר  ABeeYR,   powerful man     [BARON[

Ja (1st per. pro. I  <     י-Yod/-eeY  is the 1st per. suffix  [I]

Jajko (egg)  <    עגול [E]GOOL (circle), עג [A]hG (to make a circle)  [EGG]

Jak  (adv.., conj.  how?)  < אך  AiKH (how?)  Exodus 6:30

jaSKiNia is a den or livable cave  <   שכןSHeKHeN, dwelling 


JEDen (one) <חד     [K]HaD , Aramaic one < אחד E[K]HaD, #1


KaDzenie (fumigation, using a censer with incense)  <   קדח  QaDa[K]H    (to kindle),      קטורה QiDToRaH (slow-burning in­cense [CAUTERIZE]

Kapelusz (hat)  >  כפה   KeePaH, skullcap [CAP]

KaRaBela  (saber) < S-B     חרב  K[H]eReBH (sword) 


KaRZel  (dwarf, pigmy) <  M132  קצר QaTSaR, short , כרת

    KoRuT     (cut off)        [CURT]

KaSToR ( beaver) <    קוצר QOATSeR, harvester, (creature

   that cuts down trees, etc. --  Spanish beaver is castor


KaSTR-at (castrated man) < קצר QaTSaR, short, cut short    [CASTRATE]


KaSHa, KaSZa (crushed, coarse grain) <  קשQaSH (straw), קשה

   QaSHeH (hard)   [KASHA]

KaT  (corner)  <      קצה     KaTSeH (edge, end)  [COAST]

KaWaLek  (scrap)  < M132  S-L of קרב QeReBH), (discarded

    animal innards)  [CRAP]

KieDys  (one)  <     אחד  E[H]aD, one  [EACH]

KieSZen (pocket) <    כיס   KeeYS, pocket  [ENCASE; the reverse, שק SacK,    is universal]

KLac (curse)  <   קלס  QeeLai$ (mock),קלל  QeeLaiL (curse) 


KoBiet (woman)    <    נקבה   [Ne]KaiBHaH, female   

      [reverse NQB for QUeeN, CAVITY ]

KoLja  (necklace)  <  עול GHOAL, collar  [COLLAR]

KoLano  (knee) <  S-L  כרע KeR[A] , kneel   [CURVE]

KoLo (wheel)    <  S-G עגל  [A]GOAL, round ;   גלגל GiLGaL, wheel ,

   later  GaLGaL  [CYCLE]

Kopyto (hoof)  <  S-G, S-B   עקב   [A]QaiBH, hoof,  heel


komar   (mosquito) <  כנה  KeeYNaH, louse [see GNat at GNAW

Kon  (horse)  <  S-G,  S-N חמור  K[H]aMoaR  (donkey)  


Koperta  (envelope) <    כפרת  KaPoReT, cover [COVER]

Korona crown  coronet  קרן  QeReN, horn, ray   [CROWN]

KoRoP (scabby) <     קלף KLaPH (parchment,shell, hard

    exterior)   [CALIBER]

KoSa (scythe)    <    קצר  QaTSaR  (to reap, cut for harvest)

Kour (Czeck  smoke; a smoker is kurak) < reversal of  ריח  RaYahK[H], smell,   which rides   the רוח   ROOaK[H], wind  [REEK]

KoZa (goat)    <  עז GHaiZ or [A]iZ  (she-goat) [Turkish keci;

   Armenian aydz, GOAT]                         

KoZuch (fur, hide, sheepskin) <  S-G חוץ   K[H]OOTS (outside)


KRaG (round, also KOLo )  < M231 S-G S-L  עגל  [E]GoL or GHeGoL;    גלגל GiLGaL,   wheel ,   later  GaLGaL  [CYCLE]

Kraniec (corner, extremity)   < קרן QeReN, corner points or

  edges      [CORNER]

KRaSc (steal)  <  M132, S-G, S-F,   גזל   GeZeL, steal  [STEAL]

KRoTkI   (short)      <  M132  קצר QaTSaR, short , כרת  KoRuT

    (cut off)        [CuRT]

KRoWa   ( cow)  <  M231 בקר VaQaR, cattle   [BuCKaRoo ,


KrZeslo (chair) < כסא  Kee$Ay, chair  (extra liquid) [CHAISE]

KuBec, KuFel (mug, tankard)  <    גביע  GaBHea (goblet)   [GoBlet, CuP]

KuPa  (heap, pile)   < 1.  גב GahBH (heap, pile – see HEAP at GIBBON,

     2. עפל GHoaPHeL, pile – see PILES

KuRTka (sorts jacket, SHORT coat) <  132 metathesis of   קצרQaTSaR

      (short    – see “CURT)

Lad  (land, mainland )   <   S-L, S-D   ארץ   AReTS, earth, land    [LAND]

Las (wood, forest); lasek  grove  <  Het-drop, S-L , S-F  חרש   [K]HoaReSH,

   thicket, wood ;   M231  חרש   [K]HoaReSH  [HURST]

Lekki (light, easy)  < ß  reversal   קלQaL (light, easy) 


LeW (lion), lwi (leonine)    <   לביא  LaVeeYE   [LEOPARD]

LeSC (creep, crawl)  <  M312, S-F  , S-G  זחל ZaK[H]ahL     [SLUG] 

Lice  (cheek, face)  < לחי  LiK[H]eeY, cheek, jaw   [LOCK]

Lis (fox) <   ß  reversal   S-F  שועל  SHOO[A], 'fox'  [JACKAL]

Lizac ( lick)        <  לשון  LaSHOAN (tongue)   [LICK]

Lub (bark, rind)   <  S-B    קלף QaLaPH, parchment   [CALIBER]

Lubo (although) <  ß  אבל  ABHahL (but, however),

     like Spanish pero  (but – S-B, S-L)  [WHILE]

Luk  (curve, arc, bow) <  ß S-L קעור Qah[O]OR (concave)  [CURVE].    


MaKa (flour) < קמח QeMa[K]H  [initial Q retained in Japanese

   flour, komugiko]

Marynata  (pickle, marinade)  <  מר MaR (bitter) [MARINE]

MieSZKa   (dwell, live, reside)  is an  M312 of  שכן  SHaKHaiN,

    dwell    [ENSCONCE].

Mieso (meat)  <  מת May(S),   a dead person or animal  [MEAT]

MaRkotniec  (in low spirits) <    מר   MaR (bitter, sullen)  


Miekki (soft) <   1. מך  MooKH (soft material),  2. < S-G  

  מגג  MoGaG    (soften)    [MUCK]

MieSZaC (mix)  <    משך   MaSaKH , mix          [MiX]

MieSZKa (dwell, live, reside)  <   M312  שכן  SHaKHaiN, to dwell


MioD (honey)  <  S-D   מתוק    MaTOAQ (sweet)        [MUSK]     

mLODe   (young, litter, brood) and mLoDzian (young man)  -- see rodny

    <  לדה LayDaH, birth ,מולד  MOALaD (birth),  ילד yeLeD (child, boy)     [LaD]


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