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By Isaac Mozeson



If mortals connect to the Eternal they CAN win.
נצח N-TS[K]H  means eternal and victory (source of NIKE, victory).
Otherwise, from the kickoff, mortality is a losing game.

the entry:

SANG(RIA)       NeyTSaK[H]       Noon-Tsadi-Het

NAY- tsukh   ____נצה_____[N-(T)S-KH  à SNG]

ROOTS: SANGRIA, the Spanish wine, literally means bleeding. Latin sanguis is blood. There is no Indo-European “root.”

The SNG word is an M213 metathesis of an Edenic NS+guttural word associated with both wine and blood.

נצה  NeyTSa[K]H (“juice of grapes, figuratively used for blood” - Isaiah 63:3 –EDK).  The same metathesis lets us extract words like singe (blood in Rumanian).

Switching to the other nasal: M,  MeeYTS is juice extract (see MOIST.) Reverse to dental-nasal for  דם   DahM, which also means red blood, grape juice or wine  (see DAWN).


BRANCHES: Hamites and Semites kill in passion and zeal, but Japhetics can murder with SANG-FROID (French - cold-blooded composure.)

French sang is blood. SANGUINE is blood-colored, ruddy or cheerful. The context with נצח  NeyTSa[K]H ('blood') in Isaiah 63:3 is clearly painting a picture with the redness of blood.  This bright redness is evident in terms like נצח    NaTSaK[H] (to shine – Ezekiel 1:7) and  הנץ HaNeTS (shining).

The shine is a crimson one, as  הנץ HaNeTS Ha[K]HaMaH means 'shining of the sun' or dawn.   חמה  [K]HaMaH (sun, heat, glow) has the warmth and the redness to be at the root of HEMOGLOBIN and 50 words from Greek haima (blood) – see Het-Mem redness at MAROON.

HEMATAL (of blood) and HEMATEIN (reddish dye) resemble an anagram of Noon-Tsadi-Hey, and [K]HaMOOTS (scarlet - Isaiah 63:1). This (H)M-T(S) term, with our captioned N-T(S) two-letter root of shining red, may color dawn and morning terms in English such as MATIN and MATINEE (see MATINEE.)

  Besides the DAWN entry,  see ANEMIC and 'RED  for reverse dental-nasals  that allow  for a shining, triumphant myth of 'the goddess of dawn' (Latin Matuta).  Both sunset and sunrise can be splendidly blood-red. The imagery is universal; the actual words like  אדום  ADOAM (red) and דם   DaM (blood) did not get wider than Hebrew, Arabic and some Arabic-influenced cultures.

The redness at day's end can seem deathly. At daybreak it shines with promise of coming Redemption, of timeless triumph. 

נצח NeeTSaya[K]H  is eternal, perpetual (Jeremiah 6:5).  נצח  NeTSa[K]H also means to be victorious (Lamentations 3:10).  Remove the Noon/N for Gothic sigis (victory - source of SIGMUND); remove the Tsadi/TS for NIKE (victory - a Greek noun and IE “root” 'of unknown origin').

Closer to the Noon-Tsadi-Het etymon is the Greek name of victory: Nikos. An M132 metathesis. An M 213  of  נצח  NeTSaKH, victory is Chinese sheng X587  (triumph).


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