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By Isaac Mozeson

1-Letter Roots Don't Fly, But פ Pey/Phey plus X Is In Rare AiR


פ Pey  with an  א Aleph, ה Hey  ח Het or   ע Ayin  is about  air

אף  AhPH, nose, which breathes and smells air. (Genesis 2:7).

אפה  APHaH   is to bake,  heating air , not liquid (Leviticus 2:4)

נפח NaPa[K]H  is to breathe or blow air (also Genesis 2:7)

עף  [A]hPH or is to fly, to get UP and OFF the ground  and in the  air (Genesis 1:20).

עפר  AyFeR (dust) is flying particles in the air  (Genesis 2:7).

פה  PeH, mouth, breathes air  (Genesis 11:8),

See E-Word CD Dict.  entries AVIATE, OPEN, OVEN, and UP.


What is the sound of one hand clapping ?


The writings based on 1-letter roots, using the misnomer 'Paleo-Hebrew' yet, are worth


Minimum two letters together make a sound. Sound is energy.  Pre-Babel, Edenic Sound

is Sense. The above had an eye-opening difference from the observed two-letter roots.

Not a one-letter root, but a set of meaning based on one-letter PLUS every 'vowel' letter.

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