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By Isaac Mozeson

Is Greed Good? It Seems to Be Built-In.


Of course unbridled capitalism is bad

The Torah allows ethical capitalism, but there's a jubilee year to periodically

return us to a socialist equality.

Desire and acquisition is built-in. Witness the Edenics evidence below

in the language of Creation.

 חפץ    K[H]aPHaiTS (desire) has much CaPiTalistic company of CuPiDity, all with the throat-made guttural- whistling fricative and      פPey/P -- (remembering that F is a lip-made bilabial like V and P).

A hidden asset of  חפץ  K[H]ayFeTS (wish, object, belonging) is  חפש K[H]aPahS (to seek).

 כסף Ka$ahF (to desire) is from the same root as  כסף Ke$eF (money).

 צפה TSaPeH (anticipation, expectation), akin to the SPeCulation of  שקף SHaQaPH,

Nearly touches  קוה QaVeH (to hope). To find HOPE in Koof-Vav-Hey, shift both the guttural and the bilabial.  קוה QaVeH shares guttural-bilabial with the other six words. 

E-Word entry to see : CAPITALISM


Without some of the competitive striving of Capitalism

we get the crippling complacency that rules in Communist countries,

or blue cities like Madison, Wisconsin, bankrupt states like California and

has-been countries like Obamastan.

America's Left should have increased the wealth, wisdom and power to enhance justice and opportunity, rather than opting for the Communist tactic of tearing down, eating the rich, and creating the fool's equality of universal poverty.

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michoel   6/10/2011 2:35:00 AM
great comments at perceptive...not lacking in compassion, just being realistic. yshar coyach!

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