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By Isaac Mozeson

How ...Tootsie Rolls ...and ... a ... Dude ... named ... King ... David ... Expose ... your ... AUNT ... as ...a ... Hidden ... Hebrew


DAVID      DaVeeD     Dalet-Vav-Dalet
Da-VeeD'              דוד            [DVD]
ROOTS:  Many of us will sheepishly claim that we are a lover, not a fighter. But the Biblical David (Samuel I and II) was a world-class lover and fighter, musician, poet and dynasty-founding king who began as a shepherd and overlooked youngest brother.
Western literature began with plot lines like the giant-slayer being rewarded with the king's daughter. This is borrowed from the saga of David.  But Hebrew Bible people are non-fiction, thus imperfect. Even when sinning (with the bathing Bathsheva) or dancing with the Ark of the Covenant,  David does so spectacularly.  See 'PIZZAZZ.'

David the psalmist famously loved the Lord, and vice versa;  דודDaVeeD (Anglicized as David) means 'beloved.'
דוד   DOAD is a friend or lover - Songs 6:3.דודים    DOADeeYM means lovemaking; see TEAT and 'TITILLATION.' ידיד YiDeeYD is a beloved friend (Deut. 33:12), someone you might address as DUDE. A DUDE has also meant a dandy or fop; etymologist Gerald Leonard Cohen equates DOODLE with 'pal' in the phrase 'Yankee doodle dandy.'  Beloved relatives, like the דוד     DOAD, uncle, are at DAD.
BRANCHES: French  tata,  auntie, is easily a dental shift from   דודה DoaDaH,  aunt. But French tante , aunt, got nasalized (extra N), making it harder to discern her Hebrew heritage. Tante, the German aunt, is known to Yiddish speakers as  טאַנטע .  Daled-Vav-Dalet is not nasalized in  Slavic languages:  'AUNT' in Czech is teta; in Polish ciatka; in   Russian  TeTya  тетя; in Serbian tetka,. Typically, the initial letter gets  dropped, but the nasalization remains.  So we don't see the hidden Hebrew in our own AUNT.

Like DAD, DAVID, DUDE, the attractive TOOTS and the tasty TOOTSIE Roll candy, these  terms of endearment are all from ידיד YiDeeYD, beloved friend. TOOTS, TOOTSIE or TOOTSY are slang terms of endearment, terms beneath the attention of etymologists.  See TOOTS.  To the AHD they are of 'unknown origin.'    In a previous generation TOOTS was as common for a female dear friend as DUDE (also 'unknown origin') is a common term today for a dear male friend, buddy or any guy. 

The Arabic ו Vav is a W (thus among many Jews of the Levant); their David is Dawoud.
An affectionate nickname for David is DUDY, which is a dental shift from TOOTSY.   Beloved relations like uncle and aunt are called  DOAD and DOADaH.

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