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By Isaac Mozeson

Our Edenics New S T A R T


START         RahTSA       Resh-Tsadi-Aleph  
RUTS-ah                  רצא           [R-TS à ST-R]
ROOTS:  START  (to begin something) is thought to come from a projected Old English root styrtan , to leap up , which came from a root meaning ' to move briskly, move stiffly.' 

  The ingenious Indo-European (IE) 'root' for START is ster-1 (stiff). START is made a cognate of STARVE,  since one who dies from  any number of reasons becomes stiff.  Pretty nifty logic, eh?   If one prefers a tad livelier etymon, read on.

 רוץ  RahTS is the infinitive  to run.  See 'RACE.'   רצא  RaTSAh is running (Ezekiel 1:14).  We run, RACE or RUSH to do what we desire; RUSH is somehow traced to Latin recusāre, to reject.   רצה  RoTSeH is desire, wish; more like being pleased in Genesis 33:10.  LUST is a liquid shift away, see LUST. 

  רצון  RaTSOAN means will (Exodus  28:38) The sense of strong- willed,   רצני RiTSeeNeeY  (serious),  is post-Biblical, but is confirmed as Edenic by Arabic razin, serious – see 'EARNEST.'  
רצד   ReeTSaiD is to leap (Psalms 68:17). (See line #2 above.)

Think 'STARTING BLOCK' of a race, and the JUMP-START of will to begin a new task.  But if you are a stiff, possibly with a PhD in Humanities, you will reject reversing ר-צ Resh-Tsadi/R-ST,  even though Semitic flows from right-to-left.  This NON-STARTER may be called antiSemiticism.

Not all of these are way off the mark. To receive a START, a STARTLED reaction, is traced to Old English steartlian, to kick, to struggle.  This ST-R word is born of רצץ  RaTSaTS, 'to dash, to struggle' [Harkavy], the fetal infighting of Jacob and his wombmate Esau in Genesis 25:22.  We get a STARTLING sense that the word STRUGGLE, now merely traceable to Middle English struglen, may be combining the   ר-צ Resh-Tsadi/R-ST of contesting with a  ר-ג Resh-Gimel element of kicking out with the  רגל ReGeL (LEG).

Welsh Taer(contend, wrangle) is a reverse of  התרוצץ  HiTRoaTSaiTS, to struggle together,  to push one another (Ben-Yehuda).

 The Western Mind and the IE 'root' of STERN equates 'will' with steadfastness, while the Edenic  ר-צ  Resh-Tsadi etymon links desire, an excess of will, to running.  Humans especially run in the mad bloodlust or desire for violence. Thus the ר-צ Resh-Tsadi in  רצח   ReTSa[K]H (murder -- Deuteronomy 4:42), running with the will to kill  – see ROTATE.   ר-צ  Resh-Tsadi may also be seen at ORDER, 'PESTER,  ROTATE, STERN and TORRENT.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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