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By Isaac Mozeson

The L E W D Post


LEWD     Te(V)eL    Tahf-Bhet-Lamed
Tay-VEIL_____תבל____[T(V)L à LWD]
ROOTS:  LEWD  (obscene, indecent) is said to come from Middle English leued, unlearned, lay… thus lascivious. The Old English is lœwede, ignorant, lay.  

 There are a handful of cultures where learned people do tend to be more decent, but Western culture is not one of them. Besides the strained logic, it requires no genius to match words to etymons when the culture lacks an ancient text, and the dictionary writers themselves are deciding how to spell both the modern word and their sources.

תבל Te(V)eL (lewdness --  is  “perversión” in the Leviticus 18:23 context of  bestiality.  The American Heritage Dictionary, which takes pride in printing vulgar terms, states that LEWD is primarily about a preoccupation with sexuality.  A shifted Tahf-Bhet-Lamed has to be reversed (M321), but tracing LEWDNESS to perversity is a far less obscene etymology.

תבלול TaBHLOOL (mixture) exhibits the ב-ל  Bet-Lamed core-root of  wrongful mix-ups documented at length in the BALL entry.   Mixing the human with the non-human  can be redemptive to the Greek Bible,  while the trespasses of  an extensive sacred ecology define what is sacrilegious in the Hebrew Bible.  We mere mortals have trouble understanding why wearing animal fibers and plant fibers woven together is as wrong as bestiality.

 תבל Te(V)eL also means This Word, where illusion reigns, and spirituality is unseen. See WORLD.  Our planet is all balled up, even lewd, for those who do not make the material into a ladder of ascent.

BRANCHES:    A Word as lofty as LEWD should have no global  forms at all.  Finnish rivo (lewd) may be retaining the reversed bilabial-liquid of the Edenic.  The Czech “lewd,” oplz, might be an M231 metathesis.

As distant as the inter-specie impregnation in the Greek-Bible might be to our Te(V)eL no.1, there is a second theological topic which might have etymological roots in our Te(V)el no. 2.  The god of this world is Satan, according to II Corinthians 4:4.   The DEVIL is teufel in German, so we might be getting a negative personification of Te(V)eL, our lowly,  and, to some, even malicious, material world .

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