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By Isaac Mozeson

You Order CURD, and They Serve You CRUD !


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Little Miss Muffit was eating CURDS and whey.

What is the correct way to CURD ?

The new entry:

CURD    QaLOODT     Koof-Lamed-Vav-Tet

cull-LOOT____     קלוט  ____[KL-DT à KRD]

ROOTS: CURD, like bean curd, is a cheese-like dish with coagulated milk treated with rennet or an acid. Coagulation, hardening is the self-evident meaning of the root.

The close-minded scholars who only want an Indo-European 'root,' concoct one called  greut (to compress, push).  They feel that Old English crudan  (to press, hasten) and CROWD must be linked to CURD simply because they sound alike.

There are two Edenic etymons (source words) with better sound and sense.  

1)  קלוט QaLOODT means closed up.  In Leviticus 22:23  it is rendered 'contracted.'  The  קלט QaLaDT contracting of water when COLD (frozen)  is similar to the CLOTTING of a wound.   See CLOT.

2) GeLeD גלד GeLeD is a similar guttural-liquid-dental.  Freezing water in a backyard bucket will also CLOT, or grow a membrane of ice, or a  גלד GeLeD  (outer skin). 

R and L are interchangeable liquids. Just ask  any Asian while enjoying a bowl of fLied Lice



GeLeD in Job 16:15 is translated 'sore' (University of Chicago); the verb is defined as 'growing skin over a wound.'   Having a membrane congeal, as in the CLOTTING  of blood, is like the chemical CURDLING of CURDS and the freezing of גלידה GleeYDaH (ice cream -- Modern Hebrew).  See COLD.


  QaRahSH means clot, coagulate and congeal, but an end-dental gets top billing here.  

For the guttural-liquid (as in CURD)   ק-ר Koof-Resh sub-root of 'hardness,' see entries like 'COOL,' 'CRYOGENESIS' and UNICORN.


BRANCHES:  Besides CROWD, the blood-CURDLING ineptness  (and/or racism) of our reference authorities would have CRUD  a cognate of CURD.

Recognizable Western European CURD words include  Catalan: quallada, French: caillé, Irish gruth, Italian: cagliata, Latin and Norwegian: curd, and Welsh ceuled.

Maybe German Quark (curd) reflects Edenic K-R hardness.  Finnish is not Indo-European, and their CURD word,  rahka, may be reversing that ק-ר   Koof-Resh .

CURD words in Azerbaijani, Croatian and Ukrainian are S-R words from the Edenic food culture term usually found with dough.

See שאור  S'OWR (fermentation)  at SOUR.

CLABBER, from Irish clabar, means sour or curdled  חלב  K[H]aLaBH (milk).  For 'milk' words, see the Milky Way at GALAXY.

The Kurds ?  Nah.  They are not into hardened milk,
like those Jews for Cheeses.

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