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By Isaac Mozeson

There Is No European Root for R E L I G I O N




Rig-GEE-loose  ____ רגלות        [RGL à RLG]

ROOTS:  Fittingly, there is no Indo-European root



Dictionaries perform the usual alchemy on Latin, whose religio means scrupulous piety and conscientiousness (not spiritual transcendence).


Religio is thought to come from religare, to bind back – re plus ligare, to bind.  This alleged “binding” is never tied to the many given definitions of faith.


Meanwhile, one can go to a gambling bar or

brothel RELIGIOUSLY – that is, with REGULARITY.  Piety, rather than belief, is all about scrupulous attention to ritual. The word RELIGION is all about REGULARITY, not belief or faith.


 רגיל  RaGeeYL (see the REGULAR entry)

means regular;  there is a common M132 metathesis of the letters due to the cosmic scrambling at Shinar (Babel). RELIGION was so hard to trace because its Biblical origin was scrambled from Resh-Gimel-Lamed, RGL, to RLG.  Usage also confuses the REGULARITY of religious ritual with heartfelt faith.


The Post Biblical Hebrew  רגלות  RiGeeYLOOS or RiGeeYLooT means “wont” or “habit,” one’s REGULAR routine.  The challenge of organized RELIGION is to not let rote rituals become routine for the REGULAR, jaded spiritually-challenged masses.


 The Edenic, Biblical origin of the Modern Hebrew term is   רגל ReGeL (leg, foot), moving rhythmically from steps to occasions – as in the plural רגלים  RiGaLeeYM.  

These holidays were recurring, REGULAR, and were pilgrimage festivals to LEG it to Jerusalem.


In Numbers 23, the evil prophet Balaam’s leg or  רגל  ReGeL  gets crushed in verse 25.  Balaam then hears his she-donkey (who makes an ass of him) complain that she was beaten three times (רגלים    RiGaLeeYM – verse 28).

The word play is typically lost in translation.


Besides legging it religiously to the Temple in Jerusalem, there are  REGULATIONS to attend to.


 In  רגלות RiGeeYLOOS the  -ות Vav-Sahf or Tahf suffix is the equivalent and source of the English suffix –IOUS.


BRANCHES:  English has over a dozen words with this RLG root. Most Indo-European languages use the same root. 


The Dutch word for religion means “time out for the deity;”  Arabic, Turkish and Swahili prefer a term meaning “law;” and the Hebrew equivalent,   דתDa'aT, (only late Biblical) infers 'knowledge.' 


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