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By Isaac Mozeson

Your P A S T A is Served



PASTA              BahTSeQ             Bet-Tsadi-Koof

Bats-ACHE___ ___ בצק_ ____[B-TS-Q à P-ST]

ROOTS: There is no Indo-European (IE) root for PASTA or PASTE.

  Webster’s cites Italian pasta (dough or flour PASTE for macaroni, etc.) coming from Late Latin and Greek paste a mess of barley porridge,

allegedly from Greek passein, to sprinkle.

בצק     BaTSeQ (dough – Exodus 12:39) requires no stretching and kneading.

בצק     BaTSahQ is to swell (Deuteronomy 8:4).

 ב-צ Bet-Tsadi shifts bilabials to  P-Ts, 

or  P-ST in IE languages.

There is no letter P in Arabic.   An Arab is likely to order a Bizza Bie.

פוץ POOTS (Genesis 11:9) and  פצר  PaTSahR, like פזר  PaZaR )dispersing – see DISPERSE), are about spreading abroad, spreading volume around, as with swelling.  More P-T opening up and spreading at PATIO and words like PETAL at SPREAD.

A synonym by bilabial-fricative-guttural M213 metathesis is צבה TSaBHaH is to 'swell,'

See the SWELL entry in the

E-Word CD Dictionary.

An  antonym by guttural shift is   בצע   BaTS'GHah, to cut off  (Amos 9:1).

 A reduction of mass   instead of our  addition of mass.


BRANCHES:  The more common Hebrew word for cook, boil or boil is בשל  BaSHeL (boil, cook, roast – Exodus 12:9 – see BOLSHEVIK) .

Our בצק    BahTSeQ has the same bilabial-fricative sub-root for cooking.

After bilabial shifts, בשל  BaSHeL may be behind  “cake” words like Swahili mpishi and Japanese (kwashi) . The “cake” words of Spanish (pastel) and Italian (pasta, as above) better reflect our ב-צ Bet-Tsadi  from בצק    BahTSeQ (dough).

Hindi vistara (to expand) and Estonian paisutama (to enlarge, swell) rose in the Edenic oven of בצק    BaTSahQ and the Pey-Zayin, Pey-Tsadi words above. [RW] 

  See CAKE.

PASTRY was any  'food made with paste,' not originally sweets.  Old French pastaierie, pastry, is from Latin pasta.  Not the Danish.  Most pastry is leavened by steam, but Danish pastry is raised with yeast.

The essence of PASTA or PASTRY is swelling by cooking or baking.

PIZZA comes up at the PITA entry.


Wait. Gotta stir my spaghetti.

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