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By Isaac Mozeson



Sorry to make people update their Edenic CD Dictionaries, but here is yet another new entry:

BRAVURA  G'BHOORaH   Gimel-Bhet-Vav-Resh-Hey

Give-OOR-ah___גבורה__[G-BH-R --> BR + BH-R]

ROOTS:  There is no Indo-European  (IE) “root” or home for the BRAVE.

BRAVE is 1) courageous,  or  2) a warrior

(especially a Native American).  BRAVURA is the display of exceptional skill and daring by a performer.

One might exclaim BRAVO!

Spanish bravo  is guessed to come from the Middle Latin  bravus, (cutthroat villain).  The assumption of Western scholars is that valorous strength must emanate from bloodthirsty barbarity, rather than the upright conviction of defending one's ideals or home.

גבורה  G'BHOORaH means power, strength, might (Exodus 32:18); in Aramaic and later Hebrew it means valor and heroism.  

גבור  GiBoaR is a mighty one (Genesis10:9),  גבר  GeBHeR is a man or mighty man  (see  BARON and  VIRILE).

As in BARON and VIRILE, the initial ג  Gimel/G of   GVR was lost.  In BRAVURA the dominant ב-ר B-R  core is reduplicated.


BRANCHES:  The ג  Gimel/G of  GVR should have appeared somewhere, despite the mist of millennia since the species-wide neuro-linguistic disturbance one may call The Tower of Babel. 

That   ג  Gimel/G may be at the end of the word BRAG, which is of ' unknown origin.'  Yes, BRAGGING is a fool's BRAVERY, but on the street they are often confused.  There are more missing or shifted Gimels/Gs in the sample  B R A V E  world words below:

EDENIC  גבורה  valor

Gi BHoo R aH


g ub  zənna

Catalan  (VALOR at VIRILE)

v a l ent


h  ra b ar

Hindi  वीरता  

V īr atā


hu  g r ekki

 Indonesian and Malay

ke b er anian


q l ub ija


b r av ura

Russian and Serbian храбрость

h r ab  rost

 Tamil வீரம்

  V īr am

Ukrainian хоробрий

kh or ob ryy̆

Yiddish  בראַווע

b r ava


Irish crógacht (brave), like other words linked to 'courage' or French coeur (heart) are seen at the CREED  entry.

When Moses tells Joshua to be 'strong,  חזק   K[H]aZaK, and of good courage,  אמץ AMaTS,  ' in Deuteronomy 31:7,  the Armenians were listening. Their word for 'brave' is խիզախ khizakh. Even better, the Georgian 'brave' is მამაცი mamats’i.

The Samoan 'brave' is matatoa.

For gevaltic (wonderful in Yiddish) forms of   גבורה  G'BHOORaH,  see  CRAFT.  For the manlier derivatives, see VIRILE, and for the forceful forms of  גבורה  G'BHOORaH, see  FORCE, GRAVITY  and VIGOR.


Twitter was overtweeted, so I bravely pasted this here:


The loyal, brave, emotional dog or  כלב  KeLeBH    is  לב   כל   KoL LaiBH (all heart), as was Biblical CALEB.  In rap slang, one’s 'dogg'  or 'dog' is one’s loyal friend and constant companion.

(A Shout-out to Snoop Doggy Dogg.)

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