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By Isaac Mozeson

Not Bad Leftovers from Chuck-steak: LAMBCHOPS


 We had a huge roundup of world COW words several weeks ago.  Many of the words that did not come from  בקר BaQaR (cattle) were herded into other  relevant entries.

One of these required a new entry, 'LAMB,' so  it is served up here:

LAMB         LeKHeM           Lamed-Het-Mem

Leh-KHEM                   לחם                     [LM]

ROOTS:  The Indo-Europeanists cannot find a source for LAMB.  It is on the lam.

There is Dutch lam, German Lamm, Old Norse and Gothic lamb, but nothing older than Anglo-Saxon.  The Biblical lamb, כבש KeBHeS, is no help. See 'EWE.' The New Testament would make a superstar of this creature used for the Pascal 'lamb,' but it means a young goat or sheep.

The Hebrew Bible, however, does have an L-M animal sacrifice word that is the likely source of LAMB.   לחם   Le[K]HeM is now commonly used for “bread,” and it does mean ':bread' in some verses, but it originally meant 'food.' The context or meat in many verses like Numbers 28:2 make it clear that לחם   Le[K]HeM refers to the meat of sacrifices.  לחום   La[K]HooM  is food or meat in Job 20:23, and 'flesh' or 'body' in Zephaniah 1:17. 

The Arabic lahm exclusively means meat or flesh.  The quintessensial Arabic meat dish is LAMB.


BRANCHES:   Dutch “body” is lichaam [Geert van den Bos], an intriguing link for Eucharist enthusiasts.

LAMB-like words appear among world 'cow' words: Amharic (Semitic, Ethiopia) lam, Achehnese (Indonesia) lumoe and Sherpa (Nepal) lang.  Finnish lemä is  COW, while Finnish lammas (sheep) recalls the llama of South America. 

צמר TSeMeR (wool -- Leviticus 15:32) may  reverse to lammas, the 'sheep' words of Estonian and Finnish.  The ר Resh/R has shifted liquids to L.   The second, M-R element of צמר TSeMeR  may link up with the (reversed) liquid-nasal of  LAMB and LANOLIN - see RAM. 

Just as the Arabic “wool' word , souf, is from the Edenic sheep, כבש KeSeBH, the Berber word for sheep, zemer,  is from Edenic wool :  צמר TSeMeR.


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