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By Isaac Mozeson

This post is pure D R E C K


 Once again,  our work on a book with 1000+ German words from the Edenic is interrupted because new English entries are discovered.

The new entry:

DRECK       DaLaK[H]      Dalet-Resh-Het

Dah-LUKH           דלח        [DLK -->  DRK]

ROOTS:  The Indo-European “root” for this filthy word is sker - 4  (excrement, dung). Extension of sek- 'to cut, separate' hence 'to void excrement.'  

Theoretical crap excluded, DRECK entered English from Yiddish, where it means 'filth, trash.'

As usual, the immediate roots of Yiddish are Germanic. 

Middle High German has drec and Old Frisian has threkk. Then the lexicographers discard linguistics in favor of SCATOLOGY.  They cite Proto-Germanic þrekka and Old English þreax  'rubbish,'  and inexplicably run to Greek skatos 'dung' and Latin stercus  'excrement.'

No matter how often they mixed in unpaved streets during horse-and-buggy days, mud is not digestive waste material.


DaLaK[H] is to make muddy, turbid (Ezekiel 32:2). The liquid shift is standard (R from Lamed/L), and the guttural is only slightly harsher.

דלח DaLaK[H] (muddy) is the combination of two sub-roots.  ד-ל  D-L , as in  דלל DaLaL (weaken, thin out) is about the dilluting of soil with liquid (see ' DILLUTE'),  while the second,  ל-ח element is seen in  לחה   LeK[H]aH (to be moist -- see LIQUID).

  Modern Hebrew לכלוך  LiKHLOOKH is that which is soiled or dirty, nothing to do with biological refuse.

Non-Edenic words can be strung together to make lovely literature.  But such words bereft of their Edenic lineage lack true meaning and design. The 'scholars' ignorant of Edenics are not to blamed for thinking that words are dreck, nothing but evolved chimp chatter.


BRANCHES:   In Modern German too, Drek  is dirt, mud even filth,

but not expelled food. 

'MUD' words that echo   דלח DaLaK[H] and defend the honor of DRECK include: Basque lakt  (M231) , Georgian ტალახი  talakhi (S-D), Japanese  泥 doro (S-L), Latin luto (reverse, S-D) and Macedonian kal (reverse, drop dental)

The Amer. Heritage Dict.  would make the following cognates of DREK:   SCATO-, SCORIA, SKATOLE and STERCORACEOUS.

  More mud at DEMOCRAT and FENWAY.


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