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By Isaac Mozeson

The Linguists' D R U G Problem


DRUGS are now a trillions-dollar racket.

And they have always been around.

But linguists don't know where DRUG

comes from.

The new entry:

DRUG   DaRahK[H]    Dalet-Resh-Khaf

Durr-AKH____דרך  __ __[DRK à DRG]

ROOTS:  DRUGS are of  'obscure origin.'  A Germanic root is suspected.

German Druck is to squeeze or press, the same pounding down in German words for a printing press.  The universal icon of a pharmacist or legal drug dealer is one who pounds herbs, etc. in a pestle.

 דרך   DaRahKH is to press down, tread down as an archer a bow (Lamentations 2:4) or the crushing of grapes in a wine-press (Nehemiah 13:15).


BRANCHES:    Germanic 'press' words echoing Dalet (D,T)-Resh-Khaf include: Danish tryk pa, Norwegian trykk and Swedish tyruck.   To 'crush' is traiškyti  in Lithuanian;  ut  in Filipino it's  durugin ! 


 PHARMACOLOGY might also involve an apothecary breaking down medicinal materials into powders that a patient can drink.  PHARMACY is from Greek pharmakon, drug or potion.  פרם   PHaRahM is to tear apart a fabric (Leviticus 10:6), a  פ-ר  Pey-Resh 'fragment' word seen at FRIABLE.


Once again, working on German brought new Edenic links to Hebrew.

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