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By Isaac Mozeson



If you are an early riser, you may be reacting to the light.

The new entry:

EAR(LY)   OWR   Aleph-Vav-Resh      


ROOTS:   The alleged Indo-European “root” of EARLY and ERE is  ayer (day, morning).  The non-fiction root is Old English ær (before); Old Norse ār means early too.

אור OaWR is “light” in Genesis 1:3.  More than just EARLY in Creation, astrophysicists now agree that light was the EARLIEST matter after the Big Bang.  

Besides the obvious inference that first light means EARLY in the new day,  אור OWR came to mean 'the eve of,' the night EARLIER than the day in question.

אור   OWR is to dawn (Genesis 44:3); it can mean verdure that is 'fresh' (Isaiah 18:4), and the countries of the East, the rising sun, where it is day EARLIER (Isaiah 24:15).

For sense development: the sun rises (קדם    QoaDeM, early) … earlier in the  קדם    QeDeM  (East -- Genesis 3:24).  This appears at the tail end of the HEAD entry.  Follow the light at AURA.


BRANCHES:  ERE , the older or poetic 'before,' is the stronger match for  אור  OWR, but  many readers would not recognize this word.  A  cognate is ERST,  more common seen in ERSTWHILE.

Spanish ayer is so early, that it means 'yesterday.'


'Early' words catch the dawn's light:  


1) from our  אור OWR (vowel-R or bilabial-R): Catalan hora,   Afrikaans vroeë, Dutch vroeg and German früh.

2) from   שחר   SHaK[H]aR, day-break (Genesis 19:15 -- see OBSCURE).    Hindi शीघ्र Śīghra  and  Slovak čoskoro.    This is typically clipped in Japanese: 早期  sōki.  The end-liquid is also dropped in Chinese 早期 Zǎoqí.   East (the direction of sunrise) is  shahr  in Tibetan.

3) N-R or   ניר  NeeYR is light -- (see MINARET). Greek 'early' is νωρίς no̱rís.   This NR is reversed in рано  rano (early) in Bulgarian, Croation, Russian, Serbian and Ukranian.  


Other peoples were not thinking of the dawn's early light  for EARLY.  See  FIRST, HASTE and 'PRESTO '  for other Edenic sources of words meaning 'early.'

Redemption may not be the Rapture and magic favored by various fanatics. More likely it is a gradual dawning. Action required.  Let in the light.

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