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By Isaac Mozeson

The Importance of Being ר צ י נ י E R N E S T


Here's another new entry

that came from work on our German-from-Edenic

book of 1000 matches.



EARNEST   RiTSeeYNeeY   Resh-Tsadi-Yod-Noon-Yod

Rih-TSEEN- ee             רציני              [R-TS-N à  RN-ST]

ROOTS:   EARNESTNESS has no place in the Indo-European (IE) 'root' game.


 EARNEST, serious, is traced to Old English eornost and Old High German ernust, eriousness.  ERNEST, the male name, is immediately from an Old English word meaning “vigor, intent.”


The Online Etymology Dictionary, typically placing sound before sense, cites Gothic arniba  ecure. This may be an M132 metathesis of  ערבון   [E]RaBHOAN, a security, pledge.


Ernest David Klein has  רציני  RiTSeeYNeeY, serious,  coming from Arabic razin, grave, serioius,

which is from  רצון RaTSOAN, self-will, will (Genesis 49:6).


The Edenic R-TS-N undergoes an M132 metathesis to provide the sources of ERNEST.  That  צ  Tsadi/TS becomes ST in IE is  far more consistent than most linguistics 'rules.'


 A different metathesis of the same Edenic source is seen at the STERN entry of the Edenics E-Word CD Dictionary.


BRANCHES:  רצה RoTSeH is desire.  רץ  RahTS is to run.    The Western Mind and the IE “root” of STERN equates 'will' with steadfastness, while the Edenic  ר-צ  Resh-Tsadi etymon links desire, an excess of will, to running.


 Humans especially run in the mad desire for violence.

Thus the ר-צ Resh-Tsadi in  רצח   ReTSa[K]H (murder -- Deuteronomy 4:42), running with the will to kill

 – see ROTATE.



Ernesto is a popular Spanish name, and 'earnest' is serio.  The conventional wisdom should dissuade one from considering that SERIOUS might be from our Edenic  ר-צ  Resh-Tsadi etymon.  But how seriously can one take an alleged IE 'root' for Latin sērius called swer-5 (to lift, hang on the scale)?


Some 'serious' words that are not merely borrowed, and may be from  Resh-Tsadi-Noon include:  Afrikaans ernstige, Belarussian сур'ёзны  urjozny, Czech vážný, Dutch ernstig, German ernste, Slovak  vážny and best for last:  Slovenian resna.


Of course peoples can use other Edenic words for the idea of seriousness.   See the GRAVITY and SEVERE entries.

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