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By Isaac Mozeson




There already WAS a second coming, and it made a First Coming impossible for Hebrew-Bible belief.

To quote from  From The Beginning: *
[ ] =  on textual comment
Genesis 22:15   (21:15 in the scroll's own system)

Then the celestial agent of G-d as Mercy called to Father-of-Many-Nations [Abraham] a second time [ שנית   SHayNeeYT] from the spiritual realm.
 [ ש-נ Shin-Noon, two, is more than a leitmotif here (22:6, 8). 

 שנן SHaNeN is to repetitively drill, as with teeth:  שנים  SHEENaYiM .  שנן SHaNeN is to teach, as in Deuteronomy 6:7.  With this second message the agent of the Creator is drilling us never to accept a sacrifice of one's 'only begotten son.']

The angel is announcing:  'This is a test (22:1).  This was only a test.' Were this an actual  Child Sacrifice , G-d forbid  (and G-d DID forbid it),  an angel would not have stopped Abraham,

The Binding of Isaac was the supreme test for Abraham, because he had made a career of preaching AGAINST barbaric paganism, especially the child sacrifice of Molech, Tofet and their Mayan descendants.  Of course,  Isaac was Abraham  and Sara's miraculous 'only begotten son (22:2).'  

In the world-class faith that formed in the 1st Century from a blend of Near Eastern Mystery Faiths plus a thin veneer of reformed Judaism it is a crucial dogma that their version of the Creator actually did sacrifice his 'only begotten son.'

Even the angel's second coming
and reiteration could not prevent this rape of the Torah.

No matter how fearfully some Christians might have behaved, Jews should be grateful to Christianity for helping to spread basic moral civilization, and the awareness that an un-translated Hebrew Bible even exists.

Were Jews as loving to strangers as their founder, Abraham,  they could have been the primary 'light unto the nations'
that they were charged to be.

Edenics is the beginning of Zephaniah 3:9 's world of  arm-in-arm  worship which hinges on the new discovery of a 'Pure Language.'
We are closing in on the end of  History As  Usual.  It is high time
that Jews drilled their young  to be more joyously extroverted,
and less xenophobic (fearful of the stranger).

Greek xenos, stranger, is also from the  ש-נ Shin-Noon sub-root of 'different' or שונה  SHoaNeH, different.  Thus שנאה   SiN’AH is hatred.

Drilling with the  [ ש-נ Shin-Noon] שנים  SHEENaYiM  (teeth)  changes solid food into digestible pap.  The  Shin-Noon/ SH-N CHANGE entry in the E-Word CD Dictionary  describes how the SUN (as in   שנה  SHaNaH, a year) can change grapes into raisins, and, over the years,  young people into SENILE SENIORS.  Latin senex, like ישן    YaSHaN, means 'old.'

The ש-נ Shin-Noon theme here began with  שני  SHayNeeY , second.   Paradoxically, typically , the concept of TWO can infer either a CHANGE from the first, or a repetition of it
…as in drilling.
*  The abovementioned  From The Beginning  is a rendition of the book of Genesis.  The draft will be finalized by late in my next lifetime. It can be emailed for a PayPal of $7 to mozeson  at

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