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By Isaac Mozeson



RUTH(LESS)      ROOTH      Resh-Vav-Thaf
RUTH______רות________[RT  or THà R-TH]
ROOTS: The Biblical Book of Ruth is significant because Ruth's son is King David's grandfather. The heroine and her story are marked by grief, sorrow, abandonment, loyalty, pity and, above all, compassion.

Pity and compassion are precisely the definitions for the archaic word RUTH.Pity and compassion are antonyms of RUTHLESS.  RUTHFUL means showing or arousing pity or sorrow. The dictionaries would sidestep the Biblical ancestor of the Messiah, and link the word RUTH to Middle English reuthe, which derives from Old English hreowan (to rue).

 The word 'rue', also from hreowan, means regret or repent, and is traced to the IE base qreu (matted blood, raw flesh...basic sense 'to shudder with horror.')    See GORE and SCARE.

While Ruth's name is a Moabite one,  רות ROOT, ROO(S) or RUTH is said to connect to terms like רעות R[A]yOOTH (friendship).  When her mother-in-law Naomi looses her husband and two sons not long after they emigrate from Judea to Moab, the two highborn young Moabite widows would be expected to return to their society. 

 Indeed, Orpah (named for the עורף  [O]WRePH, back of the neck which she turned – see SCRUFF) leaves. Ruth, famously, befriends and follows Naomi to her homeland and heritage.
BRANCHES: Other English words linked to Hebrew names elsewhere here include:   BABLE (Babel) בבל ,   BLAME (Balaam) בלעם  , COLLOSUS (Goliath), GONORRHEA (Gomorrah), JACK and JOCKEY (Jacob), perhaps JUDGE - and certainly JEW - (Judah), JINX (Jonah), JOVIAL (Jehova), MACABRE (Maccabee), OGRE (Og), and SODIUM (Sodom).

 To speculate further:  HEGIRA ('flight, as from danger or hardship' – AHD, from Arabic alhijra; HEGIRA may be from Hagar, matriarch of the Arab people, who flees in Genesis 16:8),  JILT might  be related to Jael; JORDAN (a chamber pot) ought to come from the river; JOHN (noun) and ZANY (adjective) originate with the name Yohannon; JORUM (a bowl) should be from King Jorum (II Samuel 8:10); a JOSEPH is a coat;

RIBALD (linked to a theoretical name and to Middle Dutch ribe - a whore) may come from רחב  Rahab the prostitute in Joshua 2-6; and SCAM, SCAMP and SCANDAL might have been influenced by the ploy, the rogue and the disgrace of Shechem in Genesis 34. SIMONY is ultimately derived from the Biblical  SHiMOAN (Simeon).

Boston BRAHMINS and BRAHMIN cattle have special breeding. But the original BRAHMANISM involves the highest, most ancient of castes in India, and a sacred ideal within Vedic teaching. It was merely a theory that ABHRaHaM (Abraham) of Genesis 25:6 -- where his sons from Keturah are sent 'eastward to the Land of the East' -- might be behind Brahama.  Then it was discovered that the historical Brahma had a Shakti (spouse) named Sarasvati.  Abraham's longtime wife was Sara.

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