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By Isaac Mozeson



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CAPR(ICE)      GHoaPHeR       Ayin-Phey- -Resh
gho-PHERE___ __עפר___ ___[G(H)-PH-R à CPR]
ROOTS: CAPRICE means whimsy, impulsive creativity, as in a CAPRICCIO musical  riff  of improvisation. 

 The AHD recognizes the influence of a goat's (Latin capra) friskiness, but leans toward Latin ericius (hedgehog) since sudden fright
 and starts  are about  a 'head with the hair hair standing on end resembling a hedgehog.'  Therefore, the brilliant authorities who write our etymologies have CAPRICE coming from a fabricated Indo-European 'root' kaput (head). 

 Again, our historical linguists  lump words together based on corrupted sounds and arbitrary spelling.

CAPR(ICE)  is more likely from the frisky עפר GHoaPHeR, fawn, the frolicking young of ruminants (Songs 2:8,9).
BRANCHES:  The same root of CAPRICORN, Latin caper (goat), is from the same Ayin-Phey-Resh,  GH-P-R,. Now we have a better source for CAPER  and CAPRIOLE  (a playful jump, leap or hop ). Old goats do not skip about; fawns do. Even an aged goat is smaller than other cattle.  An ancient Edenic word for a small ruminant  makes more sense for a goat than even the heady 'hedgehog' theory.
The actual 'head' etymon is seen at CAPITAL.

Words listed under IE 'root' kaput (head) wrongly counted as cognates of CAPRICE include: BICEPS, CABEZON, CADET, CAPE, CAPITULATE, CAPO,  CAPTAIN, CATTLE, CHAPTER , CHIEF(TAIN), HEAD, KER­CHIEF, MISCHIEF, PRECIPITATE, and TRICEPS. 

CAPPUCINO could have been included, as it was named for the creamed coffee color of a monk's hooded habit.
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