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By Isaac Mozeson

The Edenic C O R D that Binds


CO(R)D         K[H]OODT          Het-Vav-Tet
KHUTE            חוט         [K[H]-V-DTàKRD]
ROOTS:  CORD is a rope-like string that binds things together, recently used mostly for electronic wiring – as in a CORDLESS phone or computer  mouse. The AHD traces it to Greek khordē (gut, cord), and to the imagined Indo-European  'root' gherә (gut, entrail).   They erroneously make 'hernia' a cognate of CORD. 

The GUTS are from גיד  GeeYD (sinew) – see GUITAR. Dried animal sinews were the sturdy, elastic CORDS of antiquity, and resonant guitar strings.
The idealized Greek etymon above is a liquidized (extra R) corruption; the German below is the better link in the chain back to Edenic.  German Kette  is a necklace, chain, mountain range (mountains or ornaments strung together).  Mountain ranges become important below. 

The KT German word, with no R, is more clearly from a guttural-dental cousin of  גיד  GeeYD:  חוט   K[H]OODT, thread, cord (Judges 16:12).  The Vav/V allowing the liquidization, addition of an R after a guttural, is seen below  at 'CORPSE.'   Similar in other 'cord' words is a non-historic R. The oneness of  ACCORD and  CONCORD  are from     אחד  EKHaD (one). The 'of one heart' is bad poetry and sloppy etymology.  See CORE  form the heart of this matter.

For a finer  חוט [K]HOODT, see CHAETA.
BRANCHES: Stringingtogether CORD words includesCHORD, CORDON, HARPSICHORD and CORDAGE.  CORDING and  CORDED is the verb of binding, and   חוט   K[H]OODT is a verb of binding and joining in Aramaic, and in Ezra 4:12. Arabic  חאט K[H]a'ADT (to sew) leads to the ACCOUTERMENTS entry.'

The confused etymology for ACCORDIAN includes both the Germanic CHORD and a French 'harmony' word with the mistaken 'of one heart' idea.

CORDUROY and CORDS of wood are not about rope, but the laying crosswise as if with lengths of rope.
CORDILLERA  is a term used in major mountain ranges, especially of the Andes and North America.  Think chain and necklace, as in German Kette above. The mountains are 'strung together' just like another Edenic 'rope' word, חבל  K[H]eBHeL ('district' --Deuteronomy 3:4), where the outlying settlements are economically and politically 'tied' to a regional capital city.
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